Lynne Sound FX albums

Environmental sounds, nature sounds and soundscapes recorded and/or created by Bjørn Lynne. Listen to these while relaxing, working, meditating, chilling out…

Lynne Sound FX: “Norwegian Forests” (2020)

Field recordings captured in Norwegian forests throughout spring, summer and autumn 2020, at varying times of the day and varying weather conditions. Soothing nature soundscapes to help you relax and unwind.

23 tracks. Total playing time 2 hour 20 minutes

Lynne Sound FX: “Beaches & Ocean Waves” (2020)

A collection of 27 different beaches, seasides, oceanside locations with waves of varying intensities, distances etc. Recorded on location many places around the world in the period 2005-2020.

27 tracks. Total playing time 2 hour 15 minutes

Lynne Sound FX: Streams & Rivers

Lynne Sound FX: “Streams & Rivers” (2020)

A collection of 26 pristine, high definition nature sound recordings of rivers, streams, creeks, brooks and waterfalls from the forests and hills of Norway, recorded on location in 2018-2020.

26 tracks. Total playing time 1 hour 43 minutes