Divinorum was Bjørn Lynne’s side-project for techno, trance and dance music. Three albums were released, plus Divinorum was also featured on several compilation albums, as well as being “Featured artist of the month” in Keyboard Magazine.

Divinorum vs Aural Planet - Power Liquids

Divinorum vs Aural Planet: “Power Liquids” (2003)

10 tracks. Total playing time 1:03:37

Divinorum - Isms

Take note; there is also an album called Divinorum: Lemon Flavored Kiss. This is a different artist and has nothing to do with the real/original Divinorum. At the time this “other” Divinorum released his “Lemon Flavored Kiss” album, Bjørn had already had the above 3 official albums released, and had the domain name divinorum.com registered for several years.