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  Xain (aka Lizardking):
Born in the Stars

Gustaf Grefberg, known to millions of demo-scene music fans as Lizardking, is back on the music scene after many years of silence. He now calls himself Xain and this album released in early 2005 is true to the classic demo-scene sound of Lizardking, just with better / more modern sounding equipment.

The CD plays for 68 minutes and contains brand new professional versions of some of his most famous demo-scene tracks like Claustrophobia, Doskpop and others, along with lots of fantastic new tracks in the same style.

A great new synthesizer dance album from Lizardking and an absolute must for any demo-scene music fan, past or present.


Track listing:

1. Quantum Leap
2. Ghosthouse (Fright version)
3. Claustrophobia (Open Fields version)
4. The Hunter (Remix)
5. Flight of Xain
6. Born in the Stars
7. Machineworld II
8. Space Diablo (Space Angel version)
9. The Resurrection (Remix)
10. DOSK (Xain version)
11. Xain and the Droid Invasion
12. Space Diablo (Extended Diabolic version)
13. Open Fields (Ambient version)

Here is a RealAudio demo mix containing parts of the first 5 tracks.


Reviews for The Xain / Lizard king: "Born in the Stars":

"A very catchy dance CD! I have to say I really dig this album, although it is not very varied. Listening to the whole CD in one setting might be a bit much, but standing alone all of the tracks are just awesome. Musically it sounds very much like italodisco (Laser Dance, Koto and the like), however the production is much tighter and up to date. If you enjoy this kind of music then 'born in the stars' is an absolute must-have. However you better have enough space in your living room to dance, as sitting still just isn't sufficient a reaction when exposed to these simple, yet marvellously addictive dance tunes.. :)" - Arne Heldal, Norway

"Ok now for those looking for their Lizardking fix, this is THE CD to buy. Although he changed name for this album, which I try to explain by the really great evolution in sound, this is a CD that all the Lizardking fans will love. The bass "scaccati" are back here, and the sound is a really nice mixture of pads with long reverbs and "raw" analog sounds. All I can say : thanks Gustaf Grefberg, you did it again, mixing synth sound in a way that is musical, modern and oldschool!" - Serge Huber, Switzerland

"Every other synthpop CD just took a -*. This simply RULES! Especially Space Diablo." - Dice, Finland

"This album surprized me as I've been listening to Xain's work ever since I can remember and nothing on this CD is remarkably similar to what I remember! Not to scare you away, it definitely has that famous Lizardking style we all know, love, and respect. The album is very consistent, which could make listening to the whole thing at once difficult, but any one track is spectacular. I want to start hearing these tunes played in clubs! Quality and elegance that spans decades. Excellent work from our beloved Xain. I pray Mr. Grefberg releases more of his work." - Velusip, Canada

"King Gustaf comes back from the Land of Oblivion with a new album signed under his old nickname Xain! I was waiting this moment for so long that I admittedly got a tad disappointed by the result. Don't get me wrong: this is certainly a neat and energizing work, but as a diehard fan of his Amiga mods from the golden days, I didn't find "Born in the Stars" as good as his previous effort "Fashion 8". I expected more Grefberg flair and less standard eurodance. Sorry Xain, but Lizardking is still the king of doskpop ;o)" - Kaminari, France

“Well, what can I say? Are you a demo scene fan, craving that classic sound? Look no further than this CD! While not the most varied album in the world, it is most definitely one of the more original CDs I’ve heard in a long time. If you are a fan of Lizardking then you are going to love this album, but even if you are not familiar with his work, you will find the atmosphere this album generates very reminiscent of the classic demo-scene sounds. The style of music is very up-beat, rhythmic and dancy. Like I said, it’s not that varied, and some tracks have an strong element of déjà vu, but for me that’s no bad thing. I’ve listened to the whole CD several times now, and while every track is great in its own right, my favourite track has to be the first one, Quantum Leap. It really gets the hairs on my back standing up! With modern synth music generally taking a turn for the worst due to every man and his dog setting up soft synths, it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to an album with production and sound quality as good as this...when’s the next one out Xain?!” – Graham Potter, UK


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