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  Bjørn Lynne:
Worms Blast - original soundtrack
11 track downloadable album. Year: 2002

The music I composed and produced for the game "Worms Blast" is now available as a digital download album in high quality MP3 and lossless FLAC.

The music for this game was created in the DirectMusic (TM) system by Microsoft. It was a kind of "music programming language" where you would write little snippets and "recipes" for music creation which would then be generated "on the fly" during gameplay. It was actually really interesting, but it can sound a bit odd outside the scope of the game. In some way, this music reminds me a bit about old "tracker" music because of the way everything is made in patterns using a pre-loaded bank of samples.

Anyway, I hope you'll like the music.

01: Worms Blast Front End Main [mp3 clip]
02: Worms Blast Options Screens [mp3 clip]
03: Worms Blast Pre-Game Selections Screen [mp3 clip]
04: Worms Blast Map Screen [mp3 clip]
05: Worms Blast Hi-score Screen [mp3 clip]
06: Worms Blast Credits Screen [mp3 clip]
07: Worms Blast In Game 1 Medium Level [mp3 clip]
08: Worms Blast In Game 2 Medium Level [mp3 clip]
09: Worms Blast In Game 3 Medium Level [mp3 clip]
10: Worms Blast In Game 4 Medium Level [mp3 clip]
11: Worms Blast Tutorial [mp3 clip]


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