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Bjørn Lynne:
Wizard of the Winds
Year: 1998
Style: Adventure / progressive rock
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

01: Stranger on a Hill, part 1 [mp3 preview]
02: Valley of the Clouds [mp3 preview]
03: The Forbidden Desert [mp3 preview]
04: Alissarian's Cave [mp3 preview]
05: Sarn & Giff [mp3 preview]
06: The Heroes Return [mp3 preview]
07: The Thief of Walaria [mp3 preview]
08: Gundara & Gundaree [mp3 preview]
09: Methydia's Cloudship [mp3 preview]
10: The Battle of 'Two Stones' [mp3 preview]
11: Betrayal in Zanzair [mp3 preview]
12: Stranger on a Hill, part 2 [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "Wizard of the Winds":

  • "Completely enchanting... a superb disc" - Delire Musical

  • "This record is VERY good. Reminds me about Don Airey's project "K2", but this is so much better. Medieval sounding instrumental symph. The production is also absolutely fantastic." - MusicBox

  • "Two thumbs up - WAY up" - Incredibly Small Concert Hall

  • "A real stonker... bloody great" - Golden Triangle

  • "Brilliant... I was wondering how Lynne could possibly follow up 'The Void', one of 1997's best releases. Now I have my answer - ignore this at your peril!" - Acid Dragon

  • "Bjorn and Allan are a hard team to beat" - Aphelion

  • Bjorn is a true artist and so very talented. Each part of this project on it's own portrays the creativity and imagination Bjorn Lynne posesses"- Incredibly Small Concert Hall

  • "From the very first to the last note, this album is a magical tour." - Cybernet 2000

  • "The expressivity that Lynne achieves with his guitars is remarkable indeed. His way of combining acoustic with electric guitars and synthesizers is great. This album clearly proves that we are dealing with an experienced musician with excellent skills, not only as a guitarist but also in the creative arena." - Amazing Sounds

  • "Mystic landscapes, magic, love. This CD has it all. You can listen to this cd while reading a book or while work on something, like your homework. Try listening to CD with our lights turned off. Let your imaginion run freely in landscapes where the story takes place. Visit the Valley of Clouds or roam the streets of Zanzair. Let the music touch you." - Joni Järvinen, Finland

  • "Superb music, loved Wizard, Delighted with The God Awaken, 10 out of ten for Witchwood, Blessed with Wolves of the Gods. What a great musician and composer. Thanks" - Jonathan Harvey, Canada

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