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Bjørn Lynne & Adam Skorupa:
Year: 2006
Style: Spy / Thriller / Action soundtrack

"Undercover" is a 14-track CD composed and produced by Bjorn Lynne in cooperation with his long-time friend and fellow Amiga/PC demo-scene musician Adam Skorupa (aka "Skorpic"). Some of you will know Adam "Scorpik" Skorupa from his work in the Electronica music group Aural Planet.

The music on this CD was inspired by crime thrillers and spy films.


If you are interested in licensing any of the above tracks for use in your project, please see licensing.

Customer reviews:

"First, let me say, that I really like this album, plain and simple.
As soon as I listened to the first track, Under Cover of Darkness, I felt the the urge to put on dark glasses and sneak around dark alleys.
I like the rough guitar sounds that are present in several of the tracks, it emphasizes the potential danger and action that would be present in the movie or game suiting this music. The tracks switches between faster and more action-minded themes to slower, easy-listeningn tracks and some more suspense-filled tracks. The whole album is an exiting and varied experience. Several of the tracks could in my humble opinion match the ones used in series/movies such as The Saint, Mission Impossible and James Bond. Excellent work." - Martin Johansen, Denmark

"3 words : I like it!" - Joel Escande, France

"Beautiful. I love all of the tracks. My favourite is "Cracking the Code". I'm partial to ballads and this is a hauntingly melodic one. You can imagine the quietness of the vault, and suspense building as if about to be discovered. Definitely on my buying list as soon as it's available. As always you (and your partner in crime - excuse the pun) have that knack of producing good listening and different music." - Andrew Brown, South Africa

"Once again some terrific music from Bjorn. I'm spoiled. I love your style, your musical passion and genre of music that always seems to hit the target. Keep up the great work. Wonderful stuff!" - Johnny George, USA

"Powerful songs with spy-atmosphere. Great grooves, excellent arrangement, perfect sound. Amazing! Thanks for this songs!" - Jozef Rigo, Slovakia

"i absolutly hated it cos i luved it.. it made me think yes this is good sound but is it original!? ofcourse not cos they said it was a big spy influenced thing.. but they did it so dam well! so i hate them, but i definitly luv them to! good and bad work guys!" - Jake, Sweden

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