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  Mazzive Injection:
Tracked Works 98

Double-CDROM with 2*650 MB of tracker modules from recent times and the current masters of tracking. Plus a huge selection of classic SID's!

This is a 2-CD collection of new modules from the current (1998) masters of 4-channel and multi-channel tracking.

Here's Maz's own description of this CD:

"Yes, it's a double-CD, 2 x 650 MB finest stuff. Guaranteed no lame FTP-directory copy. All songs have been sent in by the authors, the best have been selected for the CD, sorted by author/group and rated by 8 different reviewers. We have put huge expenditure and love to detail into this project. "Made from sceners for sceners" is more than an empty phrase here. Some highlights in short:

  • 1200 tracked songs, 74 MP3's, 616 classic SID's from the Vibrants (those famous C64-game-musicians!)

  • Some famous names of contributing scene artists are AKA, Charlie Brown Records, Distance, EHa, Elwood, Fajser, Hunz, Level-D, Maniacs Of Noise, Mystical, Pulse, Scaldor, Tokyo Dawn Records, Trip20, Wayfinder, Vibrants ... just to name a few.

  • You may use those songs to get inspiration for own tracks and learn tricks and technics from those "big guys". If you like to contact one of them - all email-adresses & URLs are included on the CD as well as additional personal info, funny pictures ...

  • Programs for playing those songs (AmpW, OpenCP, MikIT, Mod4Win, Modplug, Nova Station, Pulse Player, SidPlayW, Sonique, Winamp, XMplay, Yamp) as well as editors/trackers (AXS, Buzz, FastTracker and Impulse Tracker) are included too. Some would call that "plug'n'play". A mega-jukebox. Food for months.


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.