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  Mazzive Injection:
Tracked Works 2k

This is a double CDROM with the best from the best of the tracker music scene. The set contains no less than 1089 songs in various tracker formats (xm, it, buzz, madtracker, etc), and these songs were selected as the best out of the more than 3000 that were submitted.

Some of the most famous names you'll find music from on this CD are: Tokyo Dawn Records & Tokyo2051, Wayfinder, Necros, Skaven, Awesome, Hunz, Park.Studios, Willbe, Smash, Zipp, NoManiac, Kolabore, Coocane, Larph, RBi, Vim, Charlie Brown Records, Distance, Subi, TbO & Vega, CJ Imperium, Force Ten - and many many more.

The CDs also contain contact details for all musicians, many including photos, interviews, biographies etc.

You can load each track into the editor and look at how they were put together - and in that way learn from the masters, or even make your own remix of their tracks.

Or, like me, you can just set it playing and enjoy your listening! I have never heard so much good demo scene music collected together in one place.

This CD was put together by "Maz" and comes highly recommended by most famous demoscene musicians, as well as myself.

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.