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Top Production Samples, Vol. 1


A professional sample-CD with instrument-samples from Bjorn Lynne's music studio!

This professionally produced CD is crammed full of instrument samples from Bjorn Lynne's music studio. Everything is produced and recorded by Bjorn Lynne personally.

Here is a quick demo-song made in 45 minutes, using only samples from this sample CD. Click to download mp3 (1.7 Mb).

.wav, SoundFont, and ACID!

The CD contains the samples in 44.1 khz 16-bit .wav format and in SoundFont format. The .wav files also contain all ACID (TM) information embedded in the files, so they are perfect for use with ACID. If you don't have ACID, this extra information is "invisible" for all other applications, so you will then have completely normal .wav files in full CD quality, with perfect loop points embedded in the files. No more trying to find good loop points - I've done that for you, with the help of an Emulator E5000 Ultra - which is fantastic at finding perfect loop points.

Loops, patterns, sequences and multisamples

There are basically two types of samples on the CD: (1) Loops/patterns/licks and (2) multisamples.

(1) The loops / patterns / licks are "building blocks" of music that you can use to build your own songs. For example, would you like me to play bass guitar on your track? Dig into the bass guitar licks directory, and off we go. The drum loops were programmed slowly and lovingly on my synths.

(2) The multisamples are instruments that are sampled on every 2 or 3 keys up the keyboard. For example, the unbelievably beautiful Roland JX8P Poly Brass was sampled on C, D#, F# and A, all the way across the whole keyboard. The result is a stunningly accurate reproduction of the original synth-sound, warm and expressive.

Instruments featured on this CD: Novation Supernova, E-Mu Emulator E5000 Ultra, Roland JX-8P, Novation BassStation, E-Mu Proteus 2000, Kurzweil K2500, Fender Stratocaster guitar, Yamaha Active 5-string bass guitar, various percussion.

Other outboard etc. used to create the samples: AKG C1000S microphone, FMR Audio RNC 1773 "Really Nice" compressor, Korg RC168 Soundlink digital mixer, Frontier Design WaveCenter digital sound card.

Software used to create and edit the samples: Cakewalk Pro Audio (TM), SoundForge (TM), Vegas Pro (TM), ACID (TM).

(Soundforge, Vegas Pro and ACID are Trademarks of Sonic Foundry Inc). Cakewalk Pro Audio is a trademark of Cakewalk Inc.


Top Production Samples CDROM contents:

5-String Active Bass - Fingered (Multisample) One early beta tester called this "the best bass sound ever heard on a keyboard!". I don't know about that, but I must admit this lovely (and expensive!) bass guitar sounds great. mp3 quick-demo
5-String Active Bass - Picked (Multisample) The same bass guitar, this time played with a pick (plectrum) for a brighter and more up-front sound. mp3 quick-demo
5-String Active Bass - Fret Noises Make your sequenced bass lines sound more natural and human, with these fret-noises. Recorded in the same session as the instrument itself, to blend perfectly into the mix. mp3 quick-demo
5-String Active Bass - Slides Again, use these to add a more human feel to your bass lines. These sound fantastic in the mix when you put them on the 4 before a new bass line, as if to say "here we go". Try it! mp3 quick-demo
Da Craft A very cool multisampled stereo sound which can be used both as a sound-effect (on its own) and as a pad/bed (if you put it together with a nice swirling and breathing pad). Spacey! mp3 quick-demo
Goa Construction Kit - 142 bpm drum loops (20 loops) My goa-trance construction kit! These kicking drum loops are just the start. In all the "Goa Construction Kit" series, all sounds work together with all the other sounds. So you can mix and match between them, and create unique goa-trance tracks with a professional sound mp3 quick-demo
Goa Construction Kit - JX8P sequences in G (9 long sequences) The brilliant sound of the classic Roland JX8P with it's warm filters is unbeatable for trance music. These long sweeping sequences are made to take you into space! Included on the CD are also the same sequences in MIDI format, so you can study them in your sequencer, or play them out on your own synth if you want to. Try these babies in ACID!! Wow... mp3 quick-demo
Goa Construction Kit - Supernova sequences in C (9 long sequences) This analogue modelling synthesizer from Novation was noted "best synth of the year" when it came out, and here's why! Check out these long sweeping psychedelic patterns. Again, the MIDI files for the patterns are also included, in case you want to change it a bit, etc. mp3 quick-demo
Goa Construction Kit - Sub-bass lines in C (23 bass lines) Don't you sometimes want a bass sound that is just a bass sound, without all the "twang" and "sproing" of too many modern bass sounds? A sound that just grabs your guts and tingles your spine? Well, try these babies! They provide the pillar - the foundation - of any great trance track. mp3 quick-demo
Goa Construction Kit - Sub-bass lines in G (23 bass lines) Sub-bass lines as above, but these are tuned in G. mp3 quick-demo
Guitar - Stratocaster Power Chords - multisamples Played through a real tube amp, these guitar power chords fit equally well on top of major- and minor-chords and will add "balls" and "guts" to any big sounding part - I've even used them in trance music, to great effect. This instrument is multi-sampled on every key up the keyboard! Every half note has a different stereo sample. One of my most useful samples, you will use these again and again. Sometimes up front, and sometimes in the back just to create a bigger, meatier sound. mp3 quick-demo
JX8P AnaString 1 - multisamples Analogue string sound from the classic Roland JX-8P synth. It's like vanilla, no, like butter! Like butter and ice-cream. I love this sound. I think there is only one sound that I love more, and that's the JX8P Poly Brass - see below! mp3 quick-demo
JX8P Poly Brass - multisamples What can you say about this? Nothing. You can just listen for yourself. I have sampled this baby on every 3 keys up the keyboard. After I sampled it, I just sat down and started playing the keyboard with these samples. The next time I looked at the time, 2 hours had gone past. That's what this sound will do to you. Enough said. mp3 quick-demo
Live Shaker Loops One of my "secret production tricks" (oops, I guess it's not a secret any more!) is to use a real live shaker to add groove to any track. Play them on the opposite side of the stereo field from the hihats. And forget that horrible "shaker" sound on your keyboard. After you've used these, you won't go back to "electronic" shaker, ever again. mp3 quick-demo
Radioactif - multisamples This thin, squelchy and acidic synth sound almost reeks of neutrons and radioactive waste. It's nasal sound cuts right through the mix. mp3 quick-demo
Mr Whimpy - multisamples A nice allround synth sound, great for many music styles. Sampled on every 3 keys up the keyboard. This is one of those instruments that isn't like "wow! fantastic!", but when you need a useable synth-sound, you can turn to this one again and again. mp3 quick-demo
Spirit Voices (10 voice effects) Use one of these samples to add a sense of spirit and warmth to your track. They should be used sparsely (only once or maybe twice in a track) for that "human" feel and spirit connection. I have used them in a goa-trance / psychedelic trance track, and they made the intro come alive. mp3 quick-demo
Stereoaire - multisamples A strange choir/voice like sound which has a lot of breath in it, and you can play thick chords with it without cluttering up the sound or making it too muddy. Sampled on every 3 notes up the keyboard, this sound has real character and depth. mp3 quick-demo
Urban / Hip-Hop Bass Licks (12 licks) This is where my Urban / Hip-Hop series stars. In the same way as the "Goa" series, all the sounds inside this series are made to work together, so you can mix and match freely, and think of these as "building blocks". I played these bass licks myself - they are lazy, slightly psyed out and humanly "imperfect" for a laidback feel. mp3 quick-demo
Urban BassStation 1 (12 swing and 12 straight) Acidic and wicked synth-licks from the Novation BassStation to use with the other "Urban" series on this CD. Put these in with your tracks to add hooks and headsounds. All at 90 bpm to work together with the other sounds in the "Urban" series. mp3 quick-demo
Urban Rhodes Licks - Straight (21 licks) Dark and mean, down and dirty rhodes electric piano played loose and off the beat.. like you like it. Use this with the other samples in the "Urban" series - all made to work together at 90 bpm. mp3 quick-demo
Urban Rhodes Licks - Swing (21 licks) Similar wicked rhodes licks to freak out your tracks - this time in swing beat.  
Urban Dark Rhodes - multisamples A multisampled set of sounds from the same dirty and groovy rhodes piano that played the above licks... so you can make your own brand new vibes... mp3 quick-demo
Urban Drum Loopz 1 (26) Slow and mean, original hip-hop drum loops. Use for rap, hip-hop, scratch... do your thing. All loops are 90 bpm - Use together with "Urban Bass Licks #1" and other samples in the "Urban" collection - all working together at 90 bpm! mp3 quick-demo

Reviews for "Top Production Samples, Vol. 1":

"Great samples you have, keep that up!" - Pertti Husu, Finland

"I just wanted to thank you for your great music samples... These are excellent!" - Kevin Lloyd, USA

"Your sound and sounfonts are really pro-sounding, I have been searching for quality sounds like yours over the internet but yours are among the best." - Martin Netteus, Sweden

"Thanks, these samples are really great!" - Lauri Salomaa, Finland

"Excellent! I guess that's all I can say, except that I'm waiting eagerly for the sample-CD which, to be honest, you are practically giving away at that price! But who am I to complain? You decide..." - Oystein Saetereng, Norway

"Your samples are truly great. I really appreciate your effort. Thanks!!" - Alex, Canada

"I regard Top Production Samples Vol. 1 as an indispensible extension to my studio and I can guarantee that at least one sample from your CD is used in every song I write. I can't wait to get my hands on Volume 2! " - Richard Poole, England

"This CD is amazing, the multisamples are brilliant and the Stratocaster guitar samples work really well for backing. The loops are very useful for giving your song that extra clout. I don't think I've made a song since buying this CD without at least one sample from this CD in it! I can't believe that it's so cheap, there's no way you'll find another CD of this quality at the same price." - Adam Fielding, England

"In three words; Really Great Stuff. Great work Bjorn, I love it already. I have been doing some mixing in Acid with it, and I don't know what to put in with it, but i'm sure I will figure it out sometime. Have to add guitars myself lol. Keep it up and make some more stuff for another sample disc, I will buy it eventually lol. I ABSOLUTELY RECCOMEND THIS TO ANY MIX ARTIST OR DANCE FLOOR ARTIST." - Bill Willams, USA


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.