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Bjørn Lynne:
The Void
Year: 1997
Style: Vibrant electronic progressive psychedelic melodic space-rock
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

"The Void" has elements of progressive/symphonic rock as well as more contemporary electronic, ambient and rock styles. It is a concept album about a space trip that went horribly wrong - there is a vibe, a certain something that is hard to put your finger on, which gives the album a deep atmosphere. Fans have been known to play this album again and again - on loud volume and with all the lights out.

01: Into the Void [mp3 preview]
02: All Life is One, part 3 [mp3 preview]
03: Electroglow [mp3 preview]
04: Dar Shan [mp3 preview]
05: On the Edge? [mp3 preview]
06: Truth or Sanity? part 3 [mp3 preview]
07: Relentless [mp3 preview]
08: Signals [mp3 preview]
09: Who Knows [mp3 preview]
10: The Nothing [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "The Void":

  • 'A great space trip' - Atropos Magazine, Spain

  • 'A highly recommended solo effort' - Acid Dragon, France/UK

  • 'The Void is a wonderful piece of work' - Margen Magazine, Spain

  • 'Excellent guitar workouts' - Angry Magazine, UK

  • 'This is the genuine article - a great album by Lynne' - Wondrous Stories Magazine, UK

  • 'Lynne projects a strong sense of orchestration' - Progression Magazine, USA

  • 'What a space trip - vibrant - recommended' - Tarkus Magazine, Scandinavia

  • 'Different... and excellent!' - Prism, UK

  • 'It has openened my mind to a new musical approach' - Acid Dragon, France/UK

  • 'All the selections are wonderful pieces of art', 'This is really great music' - The Incredibly Small Concert Hall, Global

  • 'A fantastic piece of work that should be on top of every CD collection' - Margen Magazine, Spain

  • 'Like "Echoes" era Floyd, well done, will no doubt please fans of 90s electronic rock' - Expose, USA

  • 'A man giving 200% to make his own music with his own ideas, he has produced a very fine CD' - Background Magazine, The Netherlands

  • 'Stylish, engaging and utterly stunning' - The Domain, UK

  • 'This one is going to live in my CD changer from now on' - Aphelion Magazine, USA

  • "Of all Bjorns CDs I have (that being almost every single one) this is his true masterpiece. If I ended up on a desert island, this CD (and of course a player with infinite batteries) would be what I'd bring..." - Lennart Fridén, Sweden

  • "I found this CD in a music-store in holland. (Fame-Music, Amsterdam) I asked if I could listen to it and after 30 seconds ... I was the proud owner of this CD. It's like a great book, once you start reading you can't stop until you have finished it." - Dirk Tol, The Netherlands

  • "The Void has to be the best place to go let your mind wander on the endless possibilities of deep space. Such a imaginative, speculative trip. Brilliant on clear hot nights, cranked right up, watching the starry void of the Aussie sky, with mates, nursing cold ones. Other artists too could learn greatly from the varied style of this album! By far my most played album of the year, Bjorn's or otherwise!! Encore!" - Daniel Schofield, Australia

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.