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  Bjørn Lynne:
The Gods Awaken
Year: 2001
Style: Progressive / symphonic rock
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

"...uplifting, adventurous and inspiring music set in a fantasy world, drawing on inspiration from rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Genesis, Rush and Yes... but blending this with a more symphonic approach with elements of ethnic and symphonic music... ending up with a completely unique style full of surprises, strong melodies and emotional impact."

01: The Dance of Hadin (02:26) [mp3 preview]
02: The Sisters of Asper (08:13) [mp3 preview]
03: Jooli's Song (07:35) [mp3 preview]
04: The Return of Safar Timura (07:49) [mp3 preview]
05: The Mural (04:42) [mp3 preview]
06: On Conjurer's Seas (06:16) [mp3 preview]
07: King Felino and the Slay Ground (06:46) [mp3 preview]
08: Lottyr, Lady of the Hells (07:24) [mp3 preview]
09: Two Kings in Hadinland (14:12) [mp3 preview]
10: The Ringmaster (06:41) [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "The Gods Awaken":

  • "Bjorn finishes his Timura series in triumphant fashion. Flutes and hammond organ, live percussion and drums make this his most organic sounding album to date (even though the quality of his samples is pretty flawless anyway). The style too has taken a step onwards from the previous instalment... while the trademark sounds are there, the altogether richer arrangements make it clear: this will Obey the Rules of the Trilogy and be the biggest and best of all. It's hard to single out any element for special praise; quite simply, the best bit is the whole thing. You could say that hearing the album is like standing in a gigantic cathredral of sound, surrounded by everything from intricate stained glass to massive granite arches. And of course the odd scary gargoyle.

    If the fantasy 'concept' seems intimidating / not your thing, don't worry. This album is about music first and foremost - nothing demands that you buy into the story. Nonetheless, Allan Cole couldn't ever have dreamed of a better 'trailer' for his book." - Nick Green, UK

  • "I hate top 40 music, but it's what most of my friends listen to. I've been a huge fan of Bjorn Lynne for years now, and I've tried to convert my friends over from the heartless world of pop music. With "The Gods Awaken" it will be easier for me to educate my associates on what musical talent really is -- a labor of love". - Tom Olshan, USA

  • "Beyond all doubt, Bjorn's music is getting more and more mature; this album is absolutely fantastic; extremely moving, touching and varied; perfect balance of soothing / dynamic, strong parts. In one word: essential... But don't miss his earlier albums though.". - Mahendra Tallur, France

  • On the 23rd of May, a CD was shipped to the United States that forever would change the face of music as we know it. The Gods Awaken is truly the best CD I have in my collection; It seems to be the only CD I've listened to for the past three weeks. I can hear the symphonic background come into play with the illustrious control of gituar, meddled with expert timing and commanding control over sound. The music brings back a nostalgic feeling to me, of places of seen, people I've met; and at the same time bringing a powerful feeling of comfort over the listener. The music brings you from the venician sounds of Jooli's Song, to the celtic, mysterious sounds of King Felino and the Slay Ground. The Mastery of the music lets you feel as if you are being led on a glorious journey across time and space; boasting the comforts of past and present in one little Compact Disc.If you enjoy good listening music that never leaves you disappointed; you will enjoy "The Gods Awaken" - Marcus Geier, USA

  • "I have to thank you very much for this chilling masterpiece. As an old fan of your Timura series, I just knew it would be tremendous - but not THAT tremendous ! Right from the start, "The Dance of Hadin" is simply *breathtaking* ! It's an incredibly dark way to introduce such a musical fantasy journey. "Jooli's Song" is beautiful as I expected it to be. "The Mural" surprised me in the way that it recalled me of some superb quiet music from Japanese Role Playing Games on the PC-Engine console (if you have ever heard of it). It was a great CD game system in Japan from 1987 to 1996, on which appeared numerous fantasy RPGs whose CD soundtracks were sometimes composed by famous people like Kôhei Tanaka, Joe Hisaishi or Ryûichi Sakamoto (just to name a few). I really wish you could have composed such music like "The Mural" for this console :) And last but not least, "The Ringmaster" is a really excellent repeat of "Stranger on a Hill". I find this last track absolutely uplifting. All in all, this is an extremely mature album, as captivating as the previous two, but also much more achieved!" - Patrice Machin, France

  • "Bjorn's most consistent release to date. Newcomers and doubters should start here to hear a genius at work. Keep on proggin' Bjorn." - Robert Tauriello, USA

  • "The great thing about this trilogy soundtrack is that each CD has its own unique character, rather than the same sort of music being spread over all three. "The Gods Awaken", being the third and final, is also the more mature of the three, as though there is a progression from innocence to something much darker across the trilogy, which effortlessly mirrors that same progression that occurs in the literature. The introduction of several talented instrumentalists adds to this evolution immensely, and Bjorn is able to weave so many different sounds and moods together as a master weaver threads a rich tapestry. "On Conjurer's Seas" would have to be my personal favourite, along with "Betrayal in Zanzair" and "Kyrania" from the previous two albums. I can only hope that more music of this calibre is coalescing deep within the talented mind of Mr Lynne." - Ben Piper, New Zealand

  • "I've just received my copy of "The Gods Awaken"...I've been listening to it so much that my ears are now bleeding and my hifi has melted. The music is incredible, you simply must own a copy of this CD." - Alan Boyd, UK

  • " I have heard of Bjørn Lynne since the early days of "Worms", and have always thought that "wow, this is kinda cool", but it's only lately that I have evolved my listening into the fields of Prog/fantasy and metal, and wouldn't you know, Bjørn Lynne resurfaced again. This CD is GREAT, it tells a strange story. So if you're sick of the same 15 songs (or the same 100 songs that sound just like) that's being played on MTV, check this out! You won't be disappointed." - Christopher Neumann Ruud, Norway

  • "Well, the gods sure are awake now. I recieved the new album yesterday and listened to it about 10 times until now. This is an amazing album, i personally think it's the best by Bjorn Lynne. When i listened to track 07 (King Felino and the Sly Grounds ... Tarkus/ELP meets Bjorn Lynne) the first time, as an organ player myself, i just was stunned to see how good that hammond organ meets the atmosphere of the typical 'lynne-sound'. It's great! My personal favourites on the album are "King Felino ..." and "Jooli's Song". A MUST have album with superb arrangements, great sound and almost 'supernatural' atmosphere." - Steven Feurer, Germany

  • " I received my copy of "The Gods Awaken" yesterday and have so far played it eight times. It is absolutely awesome and, perhaps, the greatest work you have done so far. It is a privilege to listen to it, and I think it is the best release of 2001. MORE PLEASE." - Derek Gatley, UK

  • "This CD really rocks!. I have all of Bjorn's CDs' and I must say this is the best 73 minutes of music ever released. The melodies are so intricate and the guitar riffs are brilliantly placed and produced. Only maestro musicians like Bjorn are capable of such masterpieces. And, Bjorn, stick with this live concept. I somehow feel this album sounds even better due to the live musicians included. Although I'm a tad sad that this is the end of the Timura series. The entire Timura trilogy ha s been a collection of breathtaking music that takes you on a mind adventure right into Allan Cole's equally spectacular novels. Bjorn, you did justice to the magnificient novels written by Allan and I look forward to more of the same from a musical genius that is Bjorn Lynne." - Ramanesh Keith Nair, Malaysia

  • "Bjørn Lynne did it again. That's really all there is to say. If you've bought his first two albums in the Timura trilogy, and liked them, there is no reason to hesitate. If you have none of the albums from the Timura trilogy, I encourage you hereby to start saving your money, and placing an order as soon as possible, as your life isn't complete without. Maybe a small exaggeration, but as of now, it's what I'm feeling (I'm currently listening to "The Gods Awaken"). This is an album that I don't get bored by, and I can sometimes sit and hear through the whole thing both two and three times. Now, that may sound extreme, but it's really a great album, one of Bjørn's best in my opinion, even better than "The Void". Bjørn creates an amazing atmosphere, and long time followers will recognize his very own special sound, yet it's better than before, richer than before. For new listeners, I believe this is a wonderful gateway into the incredible world that is Bjørn Lynne's music." - Ole Kasper Olsen, Norway

  • "The Gods Awaken" has become one of my favorite cds; and an excellent addition to varied sort of music. The best way I can describe this cd is to say it's relaxation with excitement bubbling up. This was my first Bjorn Lynne cd but it will most definately not be my last. Hey where does this guy find the energy and talent to put out so much top notch music? I think his musical genius far exceeds his age. Keep up the fabulous work Bjorn. I absolutely love "Jooli's Song" - Tony West, USA


  • "frankly speaking, track 7, 8 and 9 are the best of all. if i need to compare, especially one of them has a mike oldfield style. i believe this album is one of bjorn's best!" - Kagan, Turkey

  • "I have found that "The Gods Awaken" is one of the most uplifting works of musical history to date, a pure texture of song and dance rolled into one with a mix of pure & easy listening. Keep up the good work Bjorn." - John Mcdougl, Greenland

  • "The Gods Awaken can only be described as flawlessly beautiful. Unlike most artists Bjorn hasn't created a few great tracks and padded out the whole 75 minutes with mediocre works; he has invested 110% into every track. It sounds phenominal, unequalled in context within the music industry for scope, contrast, balance, and melodic, rythmic and harmonic content. Bjorn has completely superceded Vangelis, Jarre and Oldfield to become the premiere electro-acoustic composer. With ability like this, Bjorn should give up the computer game work and develop his outstanding talents as a composer of music, not soundtracks." - David Coombes, England

  • "Fantastic album..Definitely the best album by the artist...Indeed one of the best I've listened in recent years..This is what the true music is.. not the rubbish on MTV..WELL DONE...Own one today...." - Emrah, Wales

  • "I bought this CD about a month or so ago, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Out of all my CDs, this is without a doubt my favorite: I can listen to it over and over again and still be amazed by the power and beauty that is packed within every track. This is definitely a CD that you should own." - Sarah, USA
  • "The Gods Awaken" was the seventh album I bought and it is great! This CD is definately a must, whether you're into Bjorn's music or not. The opening track is a marvellous way to begin the CD. Although it may not be that great musically, the mood gives it all the affect needed to make it suspenceful. 7/10 . "The Sisters Of Asper" follows and it has a beautiful piano flowing in the background. The flute is absolutely wonderful and the different drum patterns make this song unique. 8/10 . "Jooli's Song" was a very interesting track. The start sounds very similar to "The Alchemest" on Bjorn's "Return To Witchwood" album but it soon develops into symphonic rock song. There are a lot of unusual instruments in there that make is go into world music territory. 8/10. The next track, "The Return of Safar Timura", is definately a standout on the album. The soothing piano solo at the beginning rings with happiness and the drums and electric guitar here are just great. 10/10. The next track "The Mural" is mainly done on an acoustic guitar with a lot different melodies on flute and violin. Again, another unique track from Bjorn. 8/10. Now get ready for the full-blown rock of "On Conjurer's Seas." This is one of the most powerful on the album and its sinister guitar lead is superb. Well done! 9/10 . This next song, "King Felino and the Slay Ground," was definately the most moody of them all on the album. Starting from a quiet organ solo to a dark rock and roll! The is also a hint of "pirate" music in there as well. 9/10 . "Lottyr, Lady Of The Hells" was again another wonderful track. It isn't quiet as heavy or moody as the other songs but it still is an outstanding song. 8/10 .Now the next song "Two Kings In Hadinland" was the best song on the album, to say the least. I think its one of Bjorn's best songs on any album he's done. To make a song lasting 14 minutes without it getting boring or too repetitive is superb. 10/10. The final track "The Ringmaster" was another guitar based song (similar to "The Mural.") It was a great repeat of "Stranger On A Hill." 8/10. Overall, this album rocks. Get it before it sells out! 9/10" - Luke Rosten, Australia

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