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Year: 2000
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

Style: Trance, dance, electronica, ambient
(Divinorum is Bjorn Lynne's pseudonym for trance/techno music)

01: The Human Male [mp3 preview]
02: Time Machine [mp3 preview]
03: Talisman [mp3 preview]
04: Silver Sun [mp3 preview]
05: Freespace [mp3 preview]
06: Kubla Khan [mp3 preview]
07: 13 [mp3 preview]
08: Space Precinct [mp3 preview]
09: Biochemical Structure [mp3 preview]
10: Dissolve [mp3 preview]
11: d [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "Talisman":

  • Divinorum has really outdone himself by mixing computer made trance with real live instruments, making this album to a totally unique experience in the way that it can't be compared to anything else you are used to hearing.

    Pump up the volume and find yourself dancing on a field filled with timeless and esoteric sounds of science fiction, future, energy, FX & fantasy and many tracks lives its own life.

    All tracks demonstrates Divinorum's (Bjorn Lynne's) penchant for stylistic experimentation and his ability to use complex and interesting acoustics combined with visual imaginary for entertaining purposes.
    THE HUMAN MALE & SPACE PRECINCT, the ultimate Formula One race in space, then you're going back to the future with TIME MACHINE where you find yourself caught under the spell of TALISMAN's spiritual & psychedelic world. The two mysterious SILVER SUN and the adventuric KUBLA KHAN are really "Metallica on Battlefield Earth." Then we have that wonderful BIOCHEMICAL STRUCTURE, again Bjorn give us more than just adrenaline to keep our imagination that you are travelling through a spectacular environment designed with green liquid dropping down beside you.

    All in all, TALISMAN is a must-have for every Bjorn Lynne & trance music lovers. Once you pop, you can't stop!" - Christoffer Boman, Sweden

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.