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  Simon V (Vivid) :
One Night

I guess most people will know Simon V better by the name "Vivid" from the demo-scene. But he has changed his name to Simon V now, and this is his first CD album.

The music on this album is somewhere in the land between techno, dub, drum'n bass and ambient. Some tracks (like "Bleeding") are pure drum'n bass, while others (like "Electro Experience") are more electronic based. I have listened to this album quite a lot, and I find it strangely appealing in some way that I can't really put my finger on. It relaxes me in some way, while at the same time being positive.

Here are a few words from Simon V(ivid) about this CD:

"This CD has been a personal thing for me. I have done so many tracks over the years (1994-1998), that I wanted to put out an album which featured all sides of my work. I especially re-worked every single track and made sure that the sound quality is top notch. You may think that the title is a bit simple, but it fits the overall CD concept. Imagine the whole night beginning from late afternoon until the early hours. The CD starts with a slow Ambient track while you can see the sunlight fading, just before you make yourself ready for the club on a normal weekend. Sometime later, you log on the Internet to check if you got new emails or look for some information. During your way, the car audio systems gets penetrated by rough experimental sounds. Arrived at the club, the DJ's are starting out with some fresh Drum'n'Bass tunes taking you to the peak hours when Pulse Code gets played and you just can't stop dancing euphoric. Looking at the watch, you'll notice it's already 5am in the morning when you're leaving the club making yourself speechless on your way home. This is it! ... I hope you enjoy the music!" - Simon V

Who is Simon V ?

"Simon V" is an artist who has been active in the internet underground for some time. Lately he started to release his Drum'n'Bass tracks on the 'Santorin' label which is owned by his friend DJ Lightwood. He was the one who thought that it was about time to publish Simon V's tracks. As he is played by DJs like Peshay, Bailey, Storm, Bassface Sascha, Kabuki and others, he quickly gained attention in the Drum'n'Bass world. At the end of 1998 he released his first album titled "One Night". It featured 11 tracks which were significiant for him over the last years.

He was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1979 and has been moving around in Germany with his family since then. He is now living in Tuebingen from where he spreads his vision throughout the world. His musical career started at the age of 11, when he got his first guitar and computer. Since then, there was no way one could hold him back from working with the soundchips inside the machine. The results were more than 70 releases so far - in a variety of styles, systems and names. Most people may have known him as "Vivid", before he finally changed his name - hopefully for good - at the beginning of 1998, to "Simon V".



Track listing:

1. Silent Moves
2. Internet Makes You Sexy
3. Electro Experience
4. Red Horizon, My Dark Sky
5. Bleeding
6. Resurrection
7. Hymnus
8. Electroshock Remix
9. Broken Promise
10. Pulse Code
11. Speechless


Reviews for Simon V "One Night":

everything about simon v trips me out ..i absolutely love the thick bass riffs - Monica, USA

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