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  Marcel Donne:

This is an album of Commodore-64 remixes Marcel Donné, all done in the style/sound of classic Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis albums. To put it smple, Marcel Donné has taken the melodies from famous C64 music, and mixed it with the sound of old-school Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

A great album for nostalgics of all ages, and especially those who enjoyed Jarre's and Vangelis' classic early albums.

In the track listing below, you can click on the track titles to hear an mp3 clip from each track. The song name in [brackets] indicates which Jarre or Vangelis album that production was particularly influenced by.


Track listing:

01. Sidologie Intro - Marcel Donné [Revolutions]
02. Rambo Loading Theme - Martin Galway [Equinoxe]
03. Lightforce - Rob Hubbard [Revolutions]
04. Bombo - Ben Daglish [Oxygene]
05. Cobra - Sylvester Levay/Ben Daglish [Bladerunner]
06. Yie-Ar Kung Fu II - Martin Galway [Chariots of Fire]
07. Knucklebusters - Rob Hubbard [Zoolook]
08. Wizball High Score (full track!) - Martin Galway [Band in the Rain]
09. Miami Vice - Martin Galway [Equinoxe/Oxygene]
10. Nemesis the Warlock - Rob Hubbard
11. Rambo High Score - Martin Galway [Oxygene]


Reviews for Marcel Donne "Sidologie":

"Remarkable, how just a couple of notes of music can take your mind back twenty years or so... I'm instantly back in my room playing Rambo and listening to Vangelis. Marcel has excelled again in combining the pure C64 Sid-sound with modern synthesizers. It's unmistakenly C64, Vangelis, Jarre and more. He's done a good job at mixing it together, finding the right level between the original music and packing the cd with interesting tracks. Hopefully it also attracks people outside the C64-world, it deserves a widespread attention. Keep on amazing us Marcel!" - Marvin Droogsma, The Netherlands

"Absolutely brilliant, how anybody can make something so amazing is beyond me, this tops anything i have seen in the high street in years! Ranks with Jarre / Vangelis no problem! Keep it up. PS Do I get paid for flattery? (Joke!)" - Peter Carmichael, UK

"Very long time I've been waiting for something like this to come out. I think I've been listening to this masterpiece over and over and I keep hearing new things all the time in the songs. Not only are the songs acurate to the originals, they also have that "Analogue" feeling. Awesome! :) -From a remixer to another remixer -Keep up the good work dude ;) ^DeeS" - Xiny6581 / Dees Productions, Sweden


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.