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Bjørn Lynne:
Seven Kingdoms:
Original game soundtrack

Style: A varied instrumental CD of ancient cultures, mystery and mythology

The music on this CD is ethnic and contemporary, based on various ancient cultures from different parts of the world. The moods and melodies keep changing all the time and make up a very varied, constantly changing atmosphere of ancient cultures, mystery and mythology. Listen to the sound-clips below for a little taste. The music got superb reviews in the press.

The CD has 8 tracks from the actual game, plus one previously unreleased bonus track called "Terminus One". So a total of 9 tracks, and the total playing time is about 41 minutes.

01: Win & Lose Themes [mp3 preview]
02: Mayan Kingdom [mp3 preview]
03: Norman Kingdom [mp3 preview]
04: Japanese Kingdom [mp3 preview]
05: Persian Kingdom [mp3 preview]
06: Chinese Kingdom [mp3 preview]
07: Greek Kingdom [mp3 preview]
08: Norse Kingdom [mp3 preview]
09: Bonus track: Terminus One [mp3 preview]

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.