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Bjørn Lynne:
Year: 1999
Style: Progressive electronic/rock
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

For this CD, I re-arranged and re-recorded brand new versions of some of my 'hits' from my early years.

Classic Dr.Awesome tracks such as "12th Warrior", "Space Deliria", "Bridge to the Universe", "Moongazer", "Empty Spaces" and "Niagara" have been combined with today's studio sound, live instruments, session musicians and digital recording.

01: 12th Warrior [mp3 preview]
02: Bridge to the Universe, part 1 [mp3 preview]
03: Himalayan Summit (Hightop) [mp3 preview]
04: Empty Spaces [mp3 preview]
05: Moongazer [mp3 preview]
06: Space Deliria 2000 [mp3 preview]
07: Niagara [mp3 preview]
08: Empty Spaces 2 [mp3 preview]
09: Cosmos [mp3 preview]
10: Session [mp3 preview]
11: Bridge to the Universe, part 2 [mp3 preview]
12: Bonus track: Union City Conspiracy [mp3 preview]

If you are interested in licensing any of the above tracks for use in your project, please see licensing.

Reviews for "Revive":

  • "We are treated to track after track of classic tunes - revamped with pure and utter brilliance, retaining the feel of the great original tracks and a whole lot more. Wow! What a great CD. Yes I know, everyone says that, but it's true - besides what can I say that hasn't been said already???" - Rob Cheung, UK

  • "Just hearing those first few beautiful seconds was enough to turn my day around. Of course, I immediately cranked it up :)" - Victor Rehorst, USA

  • "Nothing in the world will ever force me to eject this CD out of my drive..." - Volker Buckow, Germany

  • "Revive, in a word, RULES!!!" - Fergal Toohey, Ireland

  • "This CD is absolutely amazing - The energy that the music has is well beyond the original tracks, but without losing the original feel. The pace of the music is incredible. This is definitely one for the car!" - Julian Regel, UK

  • - "Excellent CD, Bjorn. I love it to bits. Great stuff!" - Stephen Williams, USA

  • - "I think it (Revive) may be the best of the three of Bjorn's cds that I have (the others being "Wolves of the Gods" and "The Void", both of which are exceptional)." - Nate Dorr, US

  • "Revive - Is this CD great or what?!" - Brian Handscomb, UK

  • I like Revive so much because the great work of Björn redoing his own songs. They sound now PERFECT. I'm a nostalgic DEMO-Scener so I must put this in my car..." - Urko Alberdi, Spain

  • "Some of the material on 'Revive' started off life in earlier days hence part of the reason for the title I suppose. Really though a connotation of the word 'revive' might more appropriately be 'invigorate' as this is, in Bjorn's own words a 'positive, upbeat, optimistic collection of music' (Perhaps no more so than on the infectious 'Niagara')

    'Space Deliria' originally appeared on Bjorn's first release, 1992's 'Hobbits and Spaceships' and a version has been available on the internet since 1999. It's a very dramatic and atmospheric piece with liberal and skilful use of keyboard sounds, sci-fi samples and fluid guitar lines. In fact it would not have been out of place on Lynne's classic 'The Void'.

    Apart from 2 lovely piano interludes 'Empty Spaces 1 & 2' most tracks in this 72 minute CD are in the 6 minute range and equate in style, if comparisons are required, to Tangerine Dream (with more emphasis on guitar of course!)

    Bjorn's own fluent playing is augmented on 2 tracks by Rory McLeish's lead guitar- '12th Warrior' and 'Moongazer' (Another track I was familiar with through the internet)
    I was interested to hear how Bjorn would expand into the space of the 11 minute long 'Cosmos'. He does this effectively A very laid back opening that generates a feeling of relaxed wonder is followed by a livelier middle section with a distinct Marillion feel in the synth/ choral effects and some Floydian guitar work on top.

    On 'Bridge to the Universe' an eerie wind effect gives way to a memorable guitar theme developed by synth with incisive guitar fills and rhythm guitar work before the wind returns and leads the track to a dramatic Camel like conclusion.

    The final (bonus) track is more moody and reflective than the rest, a nice way to end an energising album. The CD comes across as a compilation rather than a unified album and as such didn't have the impact on me that 'The Void' and some of Bjorn's other concept based works have.

    Lynne acknowledges that the music on 'Revive' is more immediate than some of the darker, deeper and 'more thought out' music elsewhere in his formidable catalogue. He has brought all his increased technical skills together to revitalise some old ideas and produce a CD on which his enthusiasm shines through. Recommended. - Phil Jackson, Acid Dragon Magazine

  • "Two Thumbs UP!" - Dirk Tol, The Netherland

  • Just got "Revive" in the mail this morning. Definitely an excellent purchase. Some classic Amiga tracks from back in the day, with a new touch that's just stunning. (Well, I liked the "heavier" sound of the 12th Warrior mod more personally, but the new version is nice as well.) Cosmos and the Bridge to Universe set are just absolutely amazing. Worth the money, even if you've never heard the originals. (Naturally you'll just have to go download and give them a listen as well. :) Thanks Bjorn, I'm glad I finally got off my ass like I promised I would.. Yesh.. 2 years ago now? :) - Dave "Marauder" Kratky, USA

  • "This is the CD I've been waiting for ever since I found out Bjorn Lynne and Dr. Awesome were the same person. "12th Warrior" alone is worth the purchase price". - Charles Lavergne, USA

  • "Revive. It s the squid's suckers, it's the anemone's antlers, it's all six of the bee's knees. For simple, sheer unadulterated melody coupled with an absolutely vicious attitude on the old axe there simply isn't another electronica album in existence to lay a glove on it." - Nick Green, UK

  • "I first ordered Revive after hearing the MIDI of 12th Warrior. I was blown away at the shear amount of care that went into this album of remakes. There aren't many places left in modern music where great music can be found, but Bjorn Lynne's studio is definitely one of them! Lynne does by himself on a daily basis what many bands strive their whole careers to attain. He just cares!" - Alex Wellin, USA

  • "A must have album for any fan of Bjorn's music, especially his "Awesome" period. New sound of old tunes." - Taras Brizitsky, Russia

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.