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  Bjørn Lynne:
Return to Witchwood
Year: 2003
Style: Pastoral, melodic, ethnic & celtic
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

01: ambience: morning (01:12) [mp3 preview]
02: On the Morrow of Today (05:26) [mp3 preview]
03: ambience: horizons (00:55) [mp3 preview]
04: The Alchemist (06:16) [mp3 preview]
05: A Lifetime of Moments (05:17) [mp3 preview]
06: ambience: reflections (01:31) [mp3 preview]
07: Under the Bard's Tree (05:53) [mp3 preview]
08: Beneath the Surface (04:41) [mp3 preview]
09: The Ice Maiden (03:28) [mp3 preview]
10: ambience: the afternoon sun (01:04) [mp3 preview]
11: Greenfields (01:04) [mp3 preview]
12: Spellcraft (04:36) [mp3 preview]
13: The Camp On The Riverbank (05:59) [mp3 preview]
14: The Meeting Place (01:34) [mp3 preview]
15: The Old Tower (05:34) [mp3 preview]
16: ambience: evening rain (00:38) [mp3 preview]
17: Ripples (02:31) [mp3 preview]
18: Mystery Forest (03:06) [mp3 preview]
19: Return to Witchwood (10:20) [mp3 preview]

Reviews for "Return to Witchwood":

  • "Bjorn Lynne approaches New Instrumental Music, Symphonic Rock and Synth-Pop, with a special talent to shape his compositions with a remarkably expressive strength that we can perceive from the very start of the album to the second it ends. It is probably one of those albums where Lynne has imprinted his personality the most as a musician, as well as his own feelings as a person. Most remarkable is the ease with which he is so skilled in sculpting the sound ambiences that evoke impressive backgrounds and situations. The medieval touches, the classical and the ethnic shades introduced in certain passages, all of them are masterful. In its global consideration, the music does attract the attention of the listener easily indeed, and submerges us in the sound adventure of a magic theme the artist proposes us in this magnificient album." - Amazing Sounds Magazine

  • "Picture it. The primeval forest that covered Europe before history began. Picture a journey of hundreds of miles on which you see nothing but trees, rushing brooks and isolated woodland villages. Now, instead of picturing it, hear it. What you are hearing is 'Return to Witchwood'.

    When reviewing Bjorn Lynne's albums one has to say which Bjorn Lynne we are talking about. It would be senseless to compare 'Return to Witchwood' with 'Colony', for example. You have to take each album for what it is - in this case, a pure dose of refreshment of the spirit.

    'Witchwood' has always been a favourite and 'Return to Witchwood' develops and expands upon the original concept. The 'Forest speaks' interludes make a welcome return, under the title 'Ambience', as do many of the distinctive instrumental sounds that hover between medieval and modern. Within an overall mellow feel are remarkably varied tracks, from the merry 'Under the Bard's Tree' through the magical 'The Ice Maiden' and the sinister 'Alchemist' with its snaking guitar solo.

    Though perfect 'relaxation music', this is no Medwyn Goodall New Age waffle. The melodic intricacy of some tracks rewards more active listening, and one gets the impression that an entire landscape is being painted. The music, together with the highly evocative track titles, seems to suggest a story in which to lose yourself, awash with diverse dynamics and moods.

    A special mention must go to Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's amazing cover art - the best ever to appear on a Lynne release. It completes another exquisite album; another essential purchase." - Nick Green, UK

  • "I have listened to this cd several times now and it just gets better every time. It is just so good, if you haven't ordered one yet do it now as you will be missing out of one of the best cds i have heard in a long time. Turn up the volume, lay back and be transported to another time and place. Stunning - well done Bjorn." - Nigel Craft, UK

  • "What can I say, another excellent CD. The music is first class with "Under the bard's Tree" being my personal favourite track, I can't stop listing to it. The artwork on the CD case is also great and suits the style of the CD. Cheers Bjorn on another great CD, cant wait for your next one." - Philip Konczak, Scotland

  • "Well, this is certainly a high-quality production. The ambient interludes are amazing - It helped me to calm down greatly on a stressful day ! It's great for listening to while working, great for relaxing to in the sun and great for sending you to sleep with ! This album is slightly different to the original Witchwood, and it does seem to slant slightly towards "The Gods Awaken" in small places. Or maybe that's just me? Anyhow, this is great, the sound is SO rich!" - Pete Baker, UK

  • "The moment this CD started playing, I could feel the intense ambience of Bjorn's magical interpretation of life and nature flow through my mind and soul. "Return to Witchwood" is in fact a continuation of the mystical "Witchwood". What can I say that hasn't been said in the earlier reviews, Bjorn has done it again. As always, he's produced an album of breathtakingly enchanting melodies that connect you to your deeper wisdoms and transcends you to the absolute core of the recording, i.e. back to nature. Way to go and I'm already looking forward to the third "Witchwood" trilogy. An album title like "Spellbound by Witchwood" would be apt!" - Keith Ramanesh Nair, Malaysia

  • "Well, What can I say, this Album is simply STUNNING, I was Totally Thrilled by the opening sequence and how it just flows over to the next piece, A bit like Colony, which also is a Superb Album. In general Return To Witchwood is a Masterpiece, a pearl in my Collection. I simply love the Ambience Connecting the Tracks! This CD is for everyone who enjoys Fantasy." - Danny Mattissen, Denmark

  • "Like the original Witchwood, this album is full of atmospheric music that conveys many different kinds of moods and emotions. The music is rich, warm, relaxing, mysterious and magical - it really does feel like you are taken on a journey into some kind of magical fantasy world. At times, the style of the music does sound a bit like music from the Timura trilogy (which is no bad thing) but it definately captures the feel of the original Witchwood music pefectly, so fans of the original won't be disappointed. All in all, a great album that is a pleasure to listen to." - Robert Cheung, UK

  • "Fantasy is a genre that we can easily identify with in literature and film, but most will have difficulty defining what it means for a piece of music to belong to the fantasy genre. One has to return to the basic concept of fantasy - the sensation of escapism... of being in a different world, apart from reality as we know it. Like many of Bjorn's albums, including the original Witchwood and the Timura trilogy soundtrack, Return to Witchwood is a definitive work of fantastical music. Not only does it transport the listener off of this mundane plane of existence, but it does so with such a diverse and rich quality that we are left wondering whether Bjorn Lynne himself is not some ethereal minstrel, composing his melodies 'neath the Bard's Tree in Witchwood, with his many talented instrumental accomplices. Always a pleasure..." - Ben Piper, New Zealand

  • "I like this CD a lot. I recieved it a few days ago and I haven't been able to stop listening to it. Each song flows into the next one and makes an amazing listening experience. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes music." - Matthew Codville, Canada

  • "I like to think of Bjorn as a local musician, since he lives just seventy or so miles away. And being so close I feel a sort of connection where none really exists (apart from the collection of friendly post-it notes that arrive with each CD). My wife has noted the regularity of the packages that arrive from Wakefield, so much so that she now refers to each new delivery as 'another fix from your mate Bjorn'. And that's exactly what they are, musical mood enhancers. So what of the latest offering? Return to Witchwood has been literally inspirational, during a quiet phase (some call it writers block) I listened to the new album over and over and as I became familiar with the varied moods and patterns of the music I became aware of various aspects of the fantasy world I'm writing for my next novel. Not the same world that Bjorn has in his own head, that would be too much to ask, but a sense nonetheless of what his thought processes must have been like at the moment of creation. The music is unlike my normal Lynne listening (my own favourites are the Void, Colony etc.,) but there is still that indefinable feel of familiarity that needs must link the output of a single performer. In summary the music is uplifting and the production is first class. This is a piece of work to be proud of. You have done a great job Bjorn. Now, what about another return?" - Mark Lamb, UK

  • "Bjorn has done it yet again! This CD is just amazing! The more I listen the more I like it... You can feel the soul in the composition of each track on this CD and I think that's the main thing I'm drawn to in all music... Just great!!!" - Toby Lindberg, USA

  • "Amazing CD very unique and full of ideas. Bjorn is a very talented composer and this CD is like a good movie... It makes you dream and explore your imagination." - Jean-Christophe Acquaviva
  • "This soundtrack always had that classical style I am so familiar in Bjorn's music. I would recommend this as a first purchase since it is one of the biggest sound tracks on Bjorn's site (you get more for your money) and the quality is unmatched! If you ever played "the seven kingdoms," this will be a delight for you; the track titled "the meeting place" will certainly bring back memories. Also, fans of “siege of Avalon” will be awed to hear this soundtrack in full CD audio opposed to midi quality." - Devon Rose, Canada

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.