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Remix 64

This is a C64 remix CD with a difference. The tracks have a kind of 80's melodic synth-pop sound to them, instead of the more common techno sound. When I listen to this CD, I find memories of Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and other great 80's bands. The melodies are taken from favourite C64 games, and there are some new and exciting track selections as well.

Highly recommended!


Track listing:

01. Glider Rider - (David Whittaker)
02. Ark Pandora - (Ben Daglish)
03. Green Beret - (Martin Galway)
04. Human Race Subtune 4 - (Rob Hubbard)
05. Ocean Loader I - (Martin Galway)
06. Red Max - (David Whittaker)
07. Deliverance - (Matt Gray)
08. Platoon - (Jonathan Dunn)
09. Panther - (David Whittaker)
10. Defender of the Crown (Jim Cuomo)
11. Ocean Loader IV - (Jonathan Dunn)
12. Hollywood Poker Pro - (Chris Hülsbeck)
13. Storm - (David Whittaker)
14. Starball - (Chris Hülsbeck)
15. Hyper Aggressive - (Thomas Detert)
16. Thrust - (Rob Hubbard)
17. Nemesis the Warlock - (Rob Hubbard)


Reviews for "Remix 64":

"Okay I know this is going to sound just a little too "hyped", but quite frankly this is THE best C64 CD out there. I have been buying CDs from Bjorns shop for a long time now and have collected nearly all of them, but this has to stand out as my all-time favourite (excluding Bjorns own work of course) - why? the reason is simple - quality! There is absolutely no mistaking the original C64 sound coming through all of these tracks. You can easily identify with the likes of Human Race 4 or Thrust, I mean you can just feel the original sounds coming out, it is totally obvious in the beats and way the songs are composed. But that's not where it stops - each track has been adopted by a certain style, Green Beret is played in a "Vangelis" (Blade Runner) style, while the Nemesis tune is played in the style of Depeche Mode. And you know what? It damn well works! This is a very clever CD and I strongly recommend anyone who liked C64 tunes to consider it. " - Richard Davey, UK

"If you like good electronic music and the old good C64 tunes then this is your CD! This is also the first CD I buy from Bjorn and I'm really satisfied with the fast shipment and the quality of the CD. Thanks Bjorn!" - Roberto Carlos Fernandez Gerhardt, Spain


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