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Remix 64 Vol 2: Into Eternity

The follow up to the massively popular Remix64 CD, this time only bigger, better and more ambitious than before. The film-score approach to this CD brings together some of the most exciting talents ever to feature on a Commodore remix CD. Artists such as: Gianluca Verrengia, Markus Holler, Larsec, Glyn R Brown, Jan Morgenstern, Carl Larsson, Rafael Dyll, Thomas Detert, and Markus Schneider.

The whole album has an epic fantasy feeling and production.

15 Tracks, 12 Page Colour Booklet, Colour Picture CD, Jewel Cased.


Track listing:

01. Blood Valley - Ben Daglish (arr. Larsec)
02. Spellbound - Rob Hubbard (arr. Thomas Detert)
03. The Great Giana Sisters (high score) - Chris Huelsbeck (arr. Rafael Dyll)
04. Tales of Boon - Thomas Detert (arr. Gianluca Verrengia)
05. Parallax Stroll - Martin Galway (arr. Markus Holler)
06. Times of Lore - Martin Galway (arr. Glyn R. Brown)
07. Stormlord - Johannes Bjerregaard (arr. Markus Schneider)
08. Ironlord - Jeroen Tel (arr. Jan Morgenstern)
09. The Way of the Exploding Fist 2- Neil Brennan (arr. Markus Holler)
10. Butcher Hill - Ben Daglish (arr. Markus Schneider)
11. Thanatos - Julian Breeze (arr. Markus Schneider)
12. Armageddon Man - David Whittaker (arr. Jan Morgenstern)
13. Barbarian - Richard Joseph (arr. Carl Larsson)
14. Shades - Chris Huelsbeck (arr. Thomas Detert)
15. Rubicon - Reyn Ouwehand (arr. Gianluca Verrengia)


Reviews for "Remix 64 Vol. 2":

"This is one of my favourite Remix albums to date - imagine all of the classic SID chip tracks remixed into a semi-orchestral score and you have a good idea what is going on here. The faint melodies of the original can be made out, but this is just good atmospheric listening from almost the start to end. Some of the tracks like Barbarian and Ironlord are wonderful - but I have to admit the intro speech at the start of Bloody Valley is quite terrible and so is the "story" spoken throughout it, it's poorly written and voiced which is a shame because it is the first track on the CD! The last minute of Bloody Valley is great, but that doesn't make up for the first 5. Things do get a lot better from there on and personally I always start this CD from track 3." - Richard Davey, UK

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