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People Eater

Ken Senior is a multi talented musician who has appeared on several of Bjorn Lynne's CDs. He provided the guitar, bass and vocals on Bjorn Lynne's CD "Witchwood". You can also hear his guitar and bass work on several other Bjorn Lynne albums. Bjorn and Ken have been collaborators since 1995. In 1997 the two of them performed and recorded together a cover version of the track "Never Let Go" by Camel, and this recording was headlined on the acclaimed Camel compilation CD by Mellow Records.

Purple is the name of Ken Senior's own music project. The music is intelligent and melodic rock in the style of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Camel and even Bjorn Lynne. Most of all you can hear parallels with Pink Floyd's work - whichhas been a very clear influence on Purple.

This CD is a CD-Recordable, but it is very nicely made with full colour printed cover, etc. The album has 4 long tracks (one is split into several shorter sections), and a total playing time of 44:30.

Try out the music of Purple - if you like the music of Bjorn Lynne or Pink Floyd, you should hear this album.


Track listing:

01. Airwaves [mp3 clip]
02. The Pool
03. P.P.E. [mp3 clip]
04. Sleep

i) Light Sleep [mp3 clip]
ii) Rapid Eye Movement
iii) Deep Sleep
iv) Nightmare
v) Awakening

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