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  Martin Galway :
Project Galway

This is a double audio CD picture disc with a 12-page colour booklet.

The two CDs feature a total of 34 C64-tunes by Martin Galway, all recorded from Martin's own original Commodore-64 machine.

Especially for this project, Martin Galway's old Commodore-64 was dug out and used to play back his original tunes, which were then digitally mastered for the CD. As the most die-hard C64 fans know, different SID-chips sounded slightly different. And SID-emulations on PC can actually sound very different from the original sound. This CD features recordings from Galways own SID-chip which he handpicked at the time... which means that you will hear the tracks exactly has the composer heard them when he made them.

Not only that, but especially for this project, some of Martin Galway's old C64 disks were found deep in some drawers, untouched since the days when he used them to store his music projects on. On these disks were found several pieces of music that has never been heard before, as well as some "early sketch" versions of songs that became famous in different versions later.

No signal processing has been added, except a little bit of noise reduction to cut the background noise that you will always get from the SID chip.

The booklet contains funny stories and background information for each song, written by Martin Galway himself.


Disc 1:

01. Rambo Loader
02. Terra Cresta
03. Wizball Title
04. Green Beret Loader
05. Hyper Sports
06. Comic Bakery
07. Parallax Title
08. Arkanoid
09. Rambo Title
10. Wizball Bonus Level 1
11. Helicopter Jagd
12. Green Beret Title
13. Yie Ar Kung Fu
14. Neverending Story
15. Street Hawk Prototype
16. Parallax High Score

Disc 2:

01. Ocean Loader v2
02. Yie Ar Kung Fu II
03. Miami Vice Title
04. Rambo In-game
05. Street Hawk Title
06. Wizball Bonus Level 2
07. Highlander
08. Microprose Soccer
09. Insects In Space
10. Short Circuit
11. Parallax Walkabout
12. Mikie
13. Game Over
14. Miami Vice In-game
15. Combat School
16. Wizball High Score
17. Street Hawk High Score
18. Rambo High Score

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.