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  Press Play On Tape (Rock band playing C64 classics):
RUN/STOP Restore

The Danish live rock band are back with a vengeance with their new album “Run/Stop Restore”. Designed like an issue of classic C64 magazine Zzap!64, this album is a fantastically lively, exciting and dynamic experience. The band have really found new hidden qualities in the C64 tracks and their new approach oozes of energy, positive drive and humour. It sounds very fresh and up to date, which makes this album a pleasure to listen to even if you didn’t know the original tunes.

The vocal “bards” rendition of Defender of the Crown is as funny as it is a masterly produced real musical gem, the pop-like Comic Bakery is another example of just how much new life this band has manage to bring to the C64 tunes. Other tracks include Hypa-ball vs Mission AD, Arkanoid, Tiger Mission, Phantom (of the Asteroid), Kettle, Bionic Commando, Nemesis the Warlock (amazing version!), The Way of the Exploding Fist, Fairlight, Star Paws, Flimbo's Quest, Roland's Rat Race, Wizball Game Over, Wizball High Score, Sacred Armour of Antiriad and Crazy Comets. Every track sounds completely different from the last one with vastly different arrangements and productions, making the whole CD exciting and interesting from beginning till end. Great! - Bjorn Lynne



Track listing:

1. Hypa-ball vs Mission AD
2. Arkanoid
3. Tiger Mission
4. Phantom (of the Asteroid)
5. Kettle
6. Bionic Commando
7. Comic Bakery
8. Nemesis the Warlock
9. The Way of the Exploding Fist
10. Fairlight
11. Star Paws
12. Flimbo's Quest
13. Defender of the Crown
14. Roland's Rat Race
15. Wizball Game Over
16. Wizball High Score
17. Sacred Armour of Antiriad
18. Crazy Comets

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.