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  Press Play On Tape (Danish band playing C64 music):
Loading Ready Run

This has got to be the coolest C64 music album ever made. Press Play On Tape is a Danish band who travels around playing live rock versions of C64 tunes. They have performed live on Danish national radio and played several concerts to amazed audiences.

This is not a CD of cleverly programmed synthesizers reproducing the tunes with cold precisison. This is a band of real live musicians playing guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, giving a whole new life to the music.

Their CD is a professionally recorded and produced album with 14 of the most famous C64 music tracks.

They got the original composers to say a few words about the new recordings:

"I never thought that 15 years later these tunes would be played live!! I am very honoured indeed!" - Rob Hubbard

"I was well impressed!" - David Whittaker

"You've captured the original perfectly!" - Ben Daglish

"Yikes!!!" - Rob Hubbard's first reaction


Track listing:

01. Rambo: First Blood part II (Martin Galway)
02. Ghosts'n Goblins (Mark Cooksey)
03. Warhawk (Rob Hubbard)
04. Monty On The Run (Rob Hubbard)
05. Beyond the Ice Palace (David Whittaker)
06. Wizardry (Mike Alsop)
07. Commando (Rob Hubbard)
08. Thing on a Spring (Rob Hubbard)
09. Aztec Challenge (Paul Norman)
10. Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Rob Hubbard / Ben Daglish)
11. Paperboy (Mark Cooksey)
12. Krakout (Ben Daglish)
13. Thrust (Rob Hubbard)
14. Master of Magic (Rob Hubbard)


Reviews for Press Play On Tape: "Loading Ready Run":

"Great CD - even better than the performance at The Party 2000! I'm only on the fourth track so far, so I'll give you guys an update when I finish the CD! Keep up the good work, PPOT !" - Alex Smith, Nashville, TN, USA

"I just want to say a HUGE well done for this cd. i wasn't sure what to expect when i bought it. All i can say is excellent, youve managed to keep the magic and atmosphere of these wonderfull c64 tunes. From the happy bounce of thing on a spring to the heavyness of commando each and every track is wonderfull. thank for giving us c64 fans a new sound for these fab sid sounds.
looking forward to more releases in the future.". - Trevor ( smila ) Storey, England


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.