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Divinorum vs Aural Planet:
Power Liquids
Year: 2003
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

Style: Trance, dance, electronica, ambient
(Divinorum is Bjorn Lynne's pseudonym for trance/techno music)

01: Call To Ancestors [mp3 preview]
02: The Extract [mp3 preview]
03: Luv's Frequency Spectrum [mp3 preview]
04: The Next Step [mp3 preview]
05: Call To Ancestors (Warp-4 mix) [mp3 preview]
06: Trailblazer [mp3 preview]
07: Mile High Club [mp3 preview]
08: Are You Human? [mp3 preview]
09: Liquid Incense [mp3 preview]
10: Exposure [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "Power Liquids":

  • "I really enjoy this album - as such it's been in my daily playlist ever since it arrived. It makes my working day seem like only one hour long and when it's hometime, it's a license loser! Then, the last few tracks nicely bring everything back to sane (and legal) speeds! ;) I don't want to sound like I'm criticising past Divinorum albums, but Power Liquids makes previous efforts sound a little dated and typical of the genre. To me, Power Liquids is just so much more mature - in it's composition, it's choice of instruments and overall consistency. I can definitely see myself listening to this for quite some time. I really hope that Divinorum and Aural Planet team up again as they've produced a little 'gem'!" - Neil Casini, UK

  • "Fantastic CD! My wife hates it! Don't you love marital bliss?" - Danny Coffa, Australia

  • "All I can say is, Wow. This is a great Trance album, it really gets you going and has some great vibes! I'd say it has a much better quality than previous Divinorum albums, and it blends styles of Isms and Talisman together - Quite unique indeed. My favorite tracks, Call To Ancestors, which makes a great opening track, Are You Human is truely amazing, and the final track, Exposure is great too ! The rest of the album is as high-quality as you expect to get from these artists. Hard, Psy, Goa and normal Trance doesn't get much better than this. This is something I want to play loud so all the neighbours can hear. :-) Pete Baker, UK

  • "Power Liquids" is another excellent album from Divinorum! His collaboration with Aural Planet works well, especially on the tunes written by him. I whole-heartedly recommend this CD to music lovers everywhere! You don't even have to be into trance or other electronic music to enjoy this album." - Bruce McMillan, USA

  • "It moved my spirit, it moved my creative spirit and it moved my mind to far away places. Another wonderful collection from Bjorn and I am so pleased that Bjorn acceted my award for most creative musician on the web. Please keep it up, your combination with Aural Planet obviously moves in harmony with you, therefore I would continue to utilise it to the best of yours and their ability." - Julianna, Australia

  • "Get the Liquids!Perfect if you've f.e. to clean your rooms and need some fresh power in your veins. Insert the power liquids and feel it quickly. But seriously spoken: A very nice album if you like the music from the polish Aural Planet musicians. And very unusual, far away from the usual music style that Bjorn normally provides." - Lars "Ghandy" Sobiraj, Germany

  • "Great album. I bought it I don't remember when, but I have been enjoying it since. Still paying for it but I don't care right now, because it's so awesome. KEEP IT UP!!!!" - Bill Williams, USA

  • " I wasnt ready for this, I never took drugs in my life but I have to say that 'Power Liquids' got me higher then a kite! Simply awesome or completely mind blowing. Extremely well done, makes listening to regular music rather boring for me now. Funny is that I downloaded a number of Bjorn free music and ended up listening to them over and over and over again and just never get tired of them. So now with three cd's I am very pleasantly surprised and trying to figure out how I can get all Bjorn's other cd's now." - David Bokon, USA

  • "Excellent album. With music varying from trance to ambient it won't let you be bored. Bonus section is just amazing: the early version of Call To Ancestors should have been included into the album ;)" - Taras Brizitsky, Russia

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.