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  Moby / El Mobo - and his band Plug-In:

This is the debut CD release from Frederic Motte, also known in the demo/music scene as Moby. This 5-track, 28 minute CD contains some seriously groovy guitar-rock tracks in the style of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. In contrast to a lot of the great electronic music that has come out of demo-scene musicians, this is a far more "live" sounding experience, with real instruments playing real rock music with an infectious groove.

The CD has 5 (long) tracks and the total playing time is 28:23.

Here are a few words about this CD, from Moby himself:

"Stephane and I met when I needed a guitar player to play lead parts on a tune I had made for a game called "Ultimate Race Pro". After this experience, we decided to make an album together. "#0.9", our first EP, is an instrumental guitar cd. But we didn't want to do one more of these guitar virtuoso CDs. We tried to include more feeling, more groove, more soul into this record. Judging by the feedback we had, we didn't fail!"

- Moby '99


Track listing:

1. Lifetime
2. Meeting Satch [mp3 clip]
3. Cendres
4. Hayate [mp3 clip]
5. Ultimate Groove

Total playing time 28:23


Who is "Moby"?

First of all, this is not the same "Moby" as the one who is in the pop charts. This one is from the Amiga & PC demo scene. After the pop artist came to the spotlight, "our" Moby changed his name to "El Mobo". But his real name is Frederic Motte.

Fred Motte (Bass guitar) has been in the Amiga demo scene since 1988. He made numerous modules under the handle of Moby, for a large number of groups such as Alcatraz, Quartex, Dragons, Dreamdealers, Sanity. Some of the demos he worked for are still considered as classics today ("Arte"/Sanity, "Substance"/Quartex...). He won The Party'92 and 93 (and 98 in coop with Pink/Abyss) music-compos, and founded the PC demo group NoOoN along with Ra. Now he's working in the video game industry, creating soundtracks for games. At the end of 1998, he founded Plug-In, an instrumental trio with 2 other talented musician.



Reviews for "Plug-in":

"If you like instrumental guitar tunes, this CD is for you. There's some really amazing guitar work on this CD, and Moby is even more amazing on the bassguitar. Very uplifting, never boring." - Ole Kasper Olsen, Norway

"If you like the sound of Joe Satriani guitar (Not of This Earth, Surfing with the Alien, Flying in a Blue Dream), you will LOVE this album. I HIGHLY recommend it. Joe Satriani and Stuart Hamm are two of my favorite musicians, and PLUG IN manages to capture the most elite grooves from a variety of albums and crams all the best into five solid tracks that you can never get enough of. Pure imagination, this music will certainly move you and make you wonder why can't other artists do th i ngs like this in a live band scenario. INFINITE STARS! I WANT MORE!!!!" - Mike Pawinski, USA

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