Photo album:

It's not much, but here are a few photos that represent small glimpses of me and my life. I'll add more photos eventually... :-)

Photo of Bjorn at the Dam Platz in Amsterdam, 2003  
Me at the Dam Platz in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2003  
Photo of Bjorn at the Assembly computer scene convention 2003, Helsinki, Finland  
Me, offering my CDs for sale at the Assembly convention in Helsinki, Finland, 2003  
Bjorn and daughter Lisa, 2004 Bjorn and daughter Lisa, 2004
Two photos of me and my daughter Lisa (here, 3 yrs) taken in Stavern, Norway, summer 2004.
View south-east from Risøystranda, Staverm, Norway, 2005 View north-east from Risøya, Stavern, Norway, 2005
Two photos of the view from my new home in beautiful Stavern, Norway. These were taken on the day that I moved here; the 1st of July 2005.
And here is the same town, 6 months later. I took these two pictures from my home town Stavern, Norway, on an early December day in 2005.
Above are two photos of me in my studio when I was living and recording in the UK. I lived in the UK from 1995 till 2005; these photos were taken in 2002.
I realised that all the photos of me on this site were getting pretty old, so I thought I'd put up a photo that shows what I look like these days. This photo of me was taken by my friend Svenn Dvergastein in May 2006, at a small island called Svenner, just outside my home town, Stavern. The island is only a few hundred meters across -- it's literally just a few steep stones rising out of the ocean. Amazingly, about 3 or 4 families used to live on this island until a few decades ago. Today it is uninhabited, but it is the home of the Svenner lighthouse ("Svenner fyr"). The lighthouse is in active use today, to warn ships off the rocks. The island is also used a lot by summer tourists looking for a peaceful day at an idyllic ocean site, home to some beautiful marine birdlife. If you're the adventurous type, you can also arrange to camp and sleep over at Svenner Fyr. (Information about this at

(Svenner Lighthouse photo from Bjorn Lynne photo taken by Svenn Dvergastein).



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