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  Bjørn Lynne:
Phoenix - Deep Space Resurrection
original game soundtrack

Released 1997 on Studio17
Catalogue no. S17CD003

An orchestral space sci-fi epic adventure

"Phoenix" is Bjorn Lynne's first full-length orchestral work. The music was produced with orchestral arrangements and the compositions were approached like an orchestra, and then recorded with a powerful arsenal of synths, samplers and effects.

The music follows a sci-fi story full of action, intrigue and drama. A thread is followed through the music from start to finish with a common theme that all the music is built around. The arrangements are a bit inspired by the likes of Christopher Franke ('Babylon 5' composer) and many other sci-fi composers.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Bjorn Lynne produced orchestral music - without an orchestra - then you might want to read his article about how this CD was created.

The CD has 13 tracks and a total playing time of approx. 1 hour.


  01 The Morissia Cluster
02 The Smugglers Base
03 Namoul Standoff
04 A Diplomatic Crisis
05 Sarah
06 A Rude Awakening
07 An Unlikely Alliance
08 Run the Gauntlet
09 The Allarin
10 The Rogue Commander
11 The Funeral
12 An Important Declaration
13 The Journey Back

Reviews of Phoenix music album:

This album, in short, brings up images of deep space travel, and gives the illusion of flying through space in a ship of sorts. I think that if there was a movie made based on this game, it would be the best movie I would ever have seen. It's a great album, and I give it a two thumbs up. Great work Bjorn!!!! - Bill Williams, USA

This is a dark space symphony. As I know Bjorn Lynnes backgroud as a demo scene musician, video game composer and fantasy oriented guy this game soundtrack is a something special, something ambitious. Though this record is made with computers,synths and stuff like that, I cant help imaging that one day Bjorn is conducting a big orchestra in a famous concert hall doing Phoenix - live! - Jukka Tarkiainen, Finland


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