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  Oddjob (aka Volker Tripp, also known in the Amiga scene as Jester / Sanity):

Volker Tripp is the man behind the "OddJob" artist-name. He used to be known in the demo-scene as Jester / Sanity. He has been more or less outside the scene in the last few years, but he has kept on writing music all the time...

This album, "Oddeology", was originally only given out to a few selected friends. But I heard the album, and I liked it so much that I managed to persuade him into making a limited-edition CD-R version of it. So this is a highly limited CD, each copy has been personally made by OddJob (Jester) himself especially for sale on this site. The CD is presented in a fully professional looking cover with glorious colour print on high gloss paper.

The music style is various forms of pop and techno, some melodic and some more weird and quirky. Very uplifting and positive, and highly recognizeable as the same old Jester/Sanity, but with new modern sounds.

OddJob will also have a brand new album coming out in 2001 on the TRSI & Fairlight Recordz label.


Track listing:

01 Rimini Cruise
02 Amongst Myselves
03 Soul in Numbers
04 Inner City Traffic
05 Downward Trajectory
06 Tuareg
07 Miles To Go
08 Non Smokers (Die Every Day)
09 Deeper Still
10 Jellyfish
11 Bonus track: Gratey's Cape

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.