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  Oddjob (known in the demo scene as Jester of Sanity:

Volker Tripp, a.k.a. Oddjob, a.k.a. "Jester/Sanity" from the demo-scene, is here with an interesting album of electronic music that pushes the boundaries of electro, ambient, techno, industrial and experimental music.

On this album often the electronic drums provide a holding point, a balancing thread in an often strange and alien atmospheres in weird, ambient soundscapes. With the exception of the energetic opening track, this album is fairly abstract, sometimes strangely relaxing and sometimes deeply disturbing. There are no sudden breaks; instead the music flows through slowly developing moods and atmospheres, from light to darkness.

This albums in on CD-Recordable. But it's nicely made with colour printed cover and colour label on the CD. Each individual copy is hand made by Oddjob himself, making this CD a nice collectors item.


Track listing:

01 Here to Testify (Anatomix)
02 Dervish Mob
03 Clr-Home (Redo from Start)
04 Indian Summer
05 Sumno Bhoddi
06 Schlummer (Dubble Dub Mix)
07 Spontaneous Combustion
08 Death by Default (Live mrph mix)
09 Phibarpharm
10 Echorausch

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.