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  Mads Perschke aka Nutman:

This is the debut CD from Nutman (Mads Perschke). All tunes have been composed and arranged using Amiga computers. Nutman started working on this CD in 1998 and it took him a while to finish; using exlusively Digibooster on Amiga computers.

This is a CD-Recordable, but it is very nicely made with full colour glossy cover print, poster fold-out centre with pictures for each track etc. Each copy is personally hand signed by Nutman.


Track listing:

01. Friendship 7 - Intro
02. Friendship 7 (Part 1) - 100 Miles and Counting
03. Friendship 7 (Part 2) - Space Boogie
04. Friendship 7 (Part 3) - Home, Sweet Home
05. Highland
06. Pleasure Dome 2002
07. Hammerhead
08. Elephantiasis
09. Eclectica

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.