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Bjørn Lynne:
Year: 2009
Style: Electronica, Electro-tech, Melodic electro-rock

This 15-track album contains electronic, melodic, upbeat and positive music produced with about 80% electronics and 20% guitars. I guess the music is pretty much inspired by the old "Dr.Awesome" style from the demo-scene waaay back, as well as game soundtracks etc. There's a lot of use of rhythmic delay effects, pattern based composing and classic synth sounds.

With Nanoteknika I've tried to make an album that's never boring, quickly moving from one upbeat track to the next. The music is positive and vibrant, but without exactly being techno. For the most part it's quite melodic. Good for driving :-). At least, that's what I was going for. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Many thanks to Aleksander Grochocki for playing additional guitar on 4 of the tracks, to Adam Skorupa (aka Skorpic from the demo-scene) for co-producing 5 of the tracks with me, and to Tobias Richter for the CD artwork.

(Note: The previews playing below are in lo-fi, 56 kbps)


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Customer reviews:

"Hey! Just wanted to write and say how awesome your new albums are! I'm especially loving Nanoteknika! :D Have it on repeat while I work at the moment! Has a very Rez (old Dreamcast/PS2 game) feel to the sound (melodic soft trance) - I can totally picture shooting random enemy ships to your music! ;-)" - Michael Griffin.

"While "never boring" is an accurate choice of words, it's worth pointing out that this is an excellent album overall. Each track carries with it a sense of enthusiasm and great production value. For those who have followed Bjorn's music through the tracker scene and video games, there is a comfortable familiarity in each track and the names "Dr. Awesome" and "Scorpic" will cross your mind from time to time. For everyone else, these are solid electronica tracks. Some have a driving rhythm, some have funky grooves, but all are well worth the listen." - Matt McLellan.

"The two new albums ("Crystal Horizon" and "Nanoteknika") are both unbelievably good. Stellar. Good as in "if my house was on fire and I could only grab a handful of albums I'd grab these" sort of good. These are easily some of the finest works I have (and I have over 8,000 tracks of music to choose from). Anyway...

The day I got Crystal Horizon I probably looped the full album about 9 times in a row (and many times more over the next 3 days). I listen to music for various reasons (from just to have something on when I'm working to trying to relax and listening more attentively). This album has so many layers to it its character changes depending on how much attention you give it. I've enjoyed it with headphones and speakers, both during work and relaxation, and continue to find new aspects to appreciate each time I play it.

Nanoteknika has many similar qualities, for the same reasons. What I find impressive is that absolutely nothing on either album could be called filler. Certainly some tracks are absolutely outstanding (Quantum Paradise is one I'll loop individually 5-10x in a row sometimes) but every track has something to offer and stands on its own." - Dan Chisarick.

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All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.