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  Amiga MOD CDROM *4 collection:
Mods Anthology

This collection took Nicolas "Gryzor" Franck 7 years to put together. It is a 4-CD set, crammed full of music from the peak of the creativity that was the "tracker scene". All the best composers from the tracking scene are here, presenting their complete works on this titanic collection. There are a total of 18,096 modules!!

The CD collection works on PC, Amiga and Mac - and player programs are also included. The modules are not zipped or packed in any other way, which makes it easy to play them straight from the CD.

Everything is sorted and arranged by authors - and many of them are also featured with photos, interviews, background info etc.

All in all, a 7 years work of epic proportions, and a definite must if you were ever interested in MOD music and the music tracker scene. At only $29, it's a steal.

CD-1 Composers (A-F) 2719 mods (438 MB)
CD-2 Composers (G-Q) 3417 mods ( 574 MB)
CD-3 Composers (R-Z) & Groups 2263 mods
1458 mods
( 371 MB)
( 194 MB)
CD-4 Miscellaneous 2857 mods ( 497 MB)
CD-4 + Synth/Exotic formats 5382 mods ( 74 MB)
18096 mods (2148 MB)



Reviews of Mod's Anthology:

"This is a GREAT compilation including the best of the MOD-Scene musicians... I like it too much. It is very well organizated into artist and groups... A must have for any called "good old scener" - Urko Alberdi, Spain

"The best Amiga music history item to buy so far ... nothing more to say ! :)" - Dma-Sc, France

"Definitely a must have for any Amiga Demo Scene lover ! You'd need an entire life to explore it !!" - Mahendra Tallur, France



All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.