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  Mikron 64:

The C64 and its music is the unquestionable inspiration for this album. The melodic synth-pop tracks use a robotic singing voice on top of a mixture of modern and retro Sid sounds.

Here is Mikron 64's own description of his album:

"Computer-voices are probably the most striking feature of Mikron 64. In melodies which spin around themselves, they sing of loneliness, longing, love and euphoria. They are always optimistic, slightly naive, and sometimes not quite serious. The music could originate from an aged video-game, from a time when the monitor displayed abstract pictures of geometric figures. Inspite of their artificiality, the explicitly electronic sounds -from mainly unfiltered waves and white noise to the completely synthetically generated vocals- are always friendly. sys49152 is the first release of Mikron 64, who lives and works in Hamburg. The album is published as part of the storage secret sounds."


Track listing:

1. Was Ich Weiss (3:22)
2. Sonnenuntergang (3:21)
3. WGZ (2:53)
4. Etwas Zeit (5:12)
5. Allein im Herbst (2:43)
6. Schwitzen (4:27)

Total playing time approx. 22 mins.


Reviews of Mikron64 : Sys49152

"I was first introduced to the excellent Mikron 64 while living in Berlin. A friend had good taste! Now I can't wait to order a copy!" - Doug M., USA

"I love it, love it, love it, Is there any other bands out there that sound like this? I love the voice and the sounds used in the music. I LOVE IT." - Kurt, Canada

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