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  Various demo-scene musicians:

"Merregnon" is the title of this concept album set in a musical fantasy world.

The music follows a fantasy story throughout the album, and the music was written by various famous demo-scene artists: Gustaf "Lizardking" Grefberg, Allister Brimble, Jogeir Liljedahl, Rudolf Stember, Jonne Valtonen, Jason Chong, Olof Gustafsson, Fabian Del Priore, and Markus Holler. There is also a bonus track by Chris Hülsbeck, although this is not part of the story.

All tracks (except the Chris Hülsbeck one) were written especially for this project, and are not released anywhere else.

The CD also contains a nice fantasy booklet that tells the story of Merregnon.


Track listing:

1. Prologue
2. Welcome to Merregnon Jonne Valtonen
3. Village in the Mountains Jogeir Liljedahl
4. Story of Humans and Dragons Allister Brimble
5. Burning Lascest Olof Gustafsson
6. Farganda's Appearance Rudolf Stember
7. Go For Rescue Markus Holler
8. Secrecy of Deep Affection Gustaf Grefberg
9. Attack of the Surgids Jason Chong
10. Black Cult Gathering Jogeir Liljedahl
11. Encounter with the Dragon Fabian Del Priore
12. King Arames' Castle Gustaf Grefberg
13. Meeting for the Hunt Olof Gustafsson
14. Refreshing Bath Markus Holler
15. Wizard's Words Jonne Valtonen
16. Reflections of Gallahadt Fabian Del Priore
17. Midnight Ritual Allister Brimble
18. Final Confrontation Jason Chong
19. Above the Clouds of Merregnon Fabian Del Priore
20. Epilogue
21. Light at the End of the Tunnel (Medley) Chris Hülsbeck


Reviews of Merregnon CD:

"Absolutely fantastic cd. I love it! And Olof Gustafsson is still the best. Buy it! Amazing." - Wouter Derdeyn, Belgium

"Farganda's Appearance- Rudolf Stember: just perfect" - Alex, Philippines

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