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  Machinae Supremacy:
Deus Ex Machinae

To many demo-CD fans, Machinae Supremacy will perhaps be best known for their raw rock energy live performances of classic C64 music tracks such as "Great Gianna Sisters" and many others.

Machinae Supremacy is a swedish band with a love for games and game music. This is however not a CD of new recordings of well-known game music tracks. These tracks are all brand new, written by the band, but very much inspired by retro game music, mixed with high energy, well produced and performed rock music.

The band has existed since the summer of 2000 and has during that time found an original style and sound. The members originate from several distinctly different musical backgrounds and influences from metal, pop, punk rock, electronic and orchestral music to name a few can be found in the variety of material produced so far. The lyrics and the mood of the songs carry a vibe of self-confidence and enlightenment as well as an encouragement for people to take control of their own lives.


Track listing:

01: Insidious
02: Super Steve
03: Dreadnaught
04: Flagcarrier
06: Return To Snake Mountain
06: Player One
07: Deus Ex Machinae
08: Attack Music
09: Ninja
10: Throttle and Mask
11: Killer Instinct
12: Tempus Fugit
13: Blind Dog Pride
14: Machinae Prime


Reviews of Machine Supremacy: "Deus Ex Machinae"

"I've waited for this album ever since I stumbled upon their remake of The Great Gianna Sisters by Chris Hüelsbeck. The album is a bit different from the other music Machinae has produced. But it doesn't make it bad. Not at all. It leans a bit more towards punk rock than we're used to, but a few tunes shows us the band we know. The only tune that we've heard before is Attack Music, though this is in a new, and IMHO a better version. A warning to new listeners though. Be prepared to be sid-ified by the Sidstation. All in all a good album." - Tor Inge Johannessen, Norway

"Well, after all the long-awaited CD has arrived ! The music seems to improve towards the bottom of the album. Ninja is awesome, and the last instrumental track is really an earcandy. Production does not seem at top, and some sounds seem a bit too flat and thin. Music is energic and very well played. Keep it up, we're waiting for the second release !" - Pyrotas, Italy

"Just one word can sum this album up, AMAZING! it is truly incredible and some of the tracks never get old like Killer Instinct or Insidious. The tracks are truly great and the only bad part is that it's only 72 minutes long and i just can't wait till the 2nd album (if one is to be done) comes out." - Sean Lally, UK

"To tell you the truth I was disappointed. I downloaded must of the free tracks from their website (which is excellent by the way) and enjoyed their raw and often cocky style. These qualities are unfortunately greatly subdued or missing from most of the tracks of the album. Things are not pitch black though. Some of the tracks, such as "Player One" and "Super Steve", are VERY good. But I must say I miss some of the free tracks like "Hero" and "Fighters from Ninne". - Ted Saarikko, Sweden

"Unfortunately the vocals make the album very mediocre. So if you've only heard their C64 remakes, then you might want to hold off on this one. The tracks "Dreadnaught"; "Player One", and "Super Steve"; are the best in my opinion, but the album leaves a lot to be desired." - Steven A. Martin, USA

"Quite frankly this is my favorite album I own. I love Machinae Supremacy's original style and sound. While it was my love for gaming that originally helped me find Machinae Supremacy many years ago, before any dream of the album "Dues Ex Machinae" had come to light, its their original style and sound thats kept me a fan. Their music is excellent and I would suggest anyone that enjoys rock to check them out. They have a ton of original music available for download at that you should check out if you haven't heard them before. Also keep in mind that this album is still available in the second print form. The new album "Redeemer" couldn't come soon enough, I can't wait." - Joseph E., USA


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