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  Gustav Grevberg, aka Lizardking:

This is Lizardking's first CD "Physiology", released in 1994 to a fantastic reception among the long-time fans of his catchy and groovy music. The CD was made together with his friend Joakim Falk. Again, here is what Lizardking himself has to say about this CD:

"Physiology was the first music production coming from us. Released in 1994, it's a few years old, but is definitely something special. It contains 12 tracks of very melodic and harmonical synth music, varying in intensity like a movie soundtrack, with all from techno beat tracks to slow, moody and at times almost heartfelt music." - Lizardking


Track listing:

01. General Silence
02. Mindblaster
03. Overbeat [mp3 clip]
04. Beyond Reality
05. Clastrophobia
06. Magic Moment [mp3 clip]
07. Alien Penetration
08. Dream World
09. Atmospherical
10. Crystal Rain
11. Physiology [mp3 clip]
12. In Your Heart


Reviews for Lizard king: "Physiology":

Lizardking's best CD. (by far - cf. fashion8). Outstanding CD, in which one can easily recognize the style of the king of doskpop. Some of the tracks were Amiga modules, Atmospherical was also present on Lizardking's tape (very nice too but only available as average quality mp3 files) "Mindlitter". Extremely touching especially to people who used to listen to his Amiga modules), unique style, blend of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and disco music! Besides the kind of 'old' sound of this album contributes to its melancholic effect. Greaaat ! - Mahendra Tallur, France

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