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  Gustaf Grefberg, aka Lizard king:

The latest CD from Gustaf Grefberg, also known as Lizardking. A very nice mixed CD with the kind of qualities of compositions as we've come to expect from Lizardking, and with top studio production. The first few songs on this CD reminds me a lot of Vangelis. But then the tempo starts to pick up gradually for each song, and we get treated to a lot of groovy and melodic dance/electro tracks. Very clean production and nice melodies. This CD was made by Gustaf "Lizardking" Grefberg in cooperation with his friend Joakim Falk. Here are Lizardking's own words about this CD:

"The Fashion8 CD is our brand new release. This one, just as the Physiology CD, varies sometimes very much from track to track, with everything from a very hard beat, to very atmospheric tracks. Melody and harmony has a very high priority to us. As our music is very hard to categorize in normal terms, but we can promise that the style of this music is rather out of the ordinary, so you might very well miss something if not at least checking it out!" - Lizardking.


Track listing:

01. Arpeggiator
02. Age of Legends
03. Dance with Destiny
04. All Turned Into Glass
05. Be There
06. Ziricia
07. World of Dragons
08. Grindstone
09. Sleight of Mind
10. Magnanimous
11. The Juggernaught
12. Underworld Dreams
13. Everlasting
14. Universal Dreams
15. Relief


Reviews for Lizardking: "Fashion 8":

"This is a good CD. But not quite as good as Physiology. Actually, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it contains great pieces of music (tracks 1 to 4 blew me away - the ones present on the first medley). There is great 'techno' music (the juggernaut, world of gragons, ...). But also, on the other hand, rather banal and commercial dance music (the 3 last tracks sound like Jarre's latest musics).. A bit as Allister Brimble, he seems to tries all musical genres...

What bothers me is that Fashion 8 mixes many styles without keeping an unity... It's exhaustive, long but not coherent. I feel like listening to some of its tracks but not to the entire albums - while usually I play CDs from track 1 to the last track. It seems to lack a little something... And Lizardking seems to have lost his former style (doskpop). Fortunately, as everyone as to move on...

Overall, it's a good album. With great moments, but I'd recommend anyone to get Physiology first which is much better in my humble opinion (and much closer to the demo scene)". - Mahendra Tallur, France


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