Licensing existing music:

Royalty Free Music from Shockwave-Sound.Com - click to go thereMuch of my existing music is now available to license through my music licensing web site,

At Shockwave-Sound.Com you can buy a simple one-time license, pay online, and then instantly download the music by clicking a download-link that is automatically emailed to you when you place the order. The music can then be used in your project, legally licensed to you or your company. You will also get an official Invoice and Music License document which proves your legal right to use the music.

The price is typically US$ 29.95 per song; a little more for "mass production" projects. (See Shockwave-Sound.Com "License" page for more details). You never have to follow up with any royalty payments or any other additional payments.

Not all my music has made it onto the Shockwave-Sound site. If you want to license an existing music track of mine, which is not found on Shockwave-Sound.Com, please contact me and we will arrange a license deal under the same terms and at the same price as the music on Shockwave-Sound.Com.


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.