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  Slow Poison:
Karma 64

A fresh new sound for C64 favourites.

A brand new (2002) release by Slow Poison (the team behind "Back in Time 3"), using the latest studio technology - including the amazing Korg Karma synth (thus the name) - to produce a fresh new sound on these C64 favourites.

The CD also contains a bonus CDROM section.

It comes in a superb looking DVD-size box - although the CD itself is not a DVD - it is an Audio CD with a bonus CDROM section.



01. Ocean Loader 2 - Martin Galway
02. Miami Vice - Martin Galway
03. Delta Victory - Rob Hubbard
04. Wizball - Martin Galway
05. Ocean Loader 4 - Jonathan Dunn
06. Mutants - Fred Gray
07. Arkanoid - Martin Galway
08. Chimera - Rob Hubbard
09. Way of the Exploding Fist - Neil Brennan
10. Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2 - Ben Daglish
11. Gerry the Germ (Art of Bladdermix) - Rob Hubbard
12. BMX Kidz High Score/Scroll Machine - Jori Olkonnen
13. Sanxion - Rob Hubbard
14. Flimbo's Quest High Score - Johannes Bjerregaard
15. Crazy Comets - Rob Hubbard
16. Monty on the Run - Rob Hubbard

+ bonus CD-ROM section with alternative tracks, links, Trap 2 CGI Demo and more!

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Reviews for "Karma 64":

"Absolutely brilliant, what more can I say, it arrived Saturday morning and has not been off the cd player since, this is the first cd I have purchased from this group but will definitely NOT be the last. rating 9.5/10" - Gary Hall, UK

"Fantastic cd, great variety of tunes, my personal favourites are crazy comets, flimbos quest, the mutant camels one and of course the fantastic monty on the run, highly recomended and great value for money too." - Nigel Craft, UK


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.