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Jogeir Liljedahl :
Out of Silence
Year: 2008
Style: Melodic electronic, instrumental

A full 9 years after the release of his debut CD, The Wanderer, comes the next highly awaited album from Jogeir Liljedahl.

Aptly titled "Out of Silence", the album is a melodic/electronic music feast from beginning till end, with uplifting melodies, sparkling chords, typical Jogeir style wonderful bass lines, and with additional guitar appearances by Øyvind Vik.

This album also features a guest appearance by Chris Hülsbeck who co-wrote the track "Graveness & Romantics" with Jogeir, and by Fabian del Priore who also took part in co-composing and arranging some of the tracks.

You can buy & download the full album in 256-kbps MP3 files, or in Lossless FLAC audio format, in the LynneMusic Download Shop. The purchase also includes full cover artwork (4-page booklet and Inlay tray) complete with plenty of text from Jogeir. This comes as a high resolution printable PDF file, so you can print it on a color printer and make yourself a real cover, if you want to. In his album cover text, Jogeir discusses the story behind each and every track on the album, as well other general ramblings. :-)

You can buy the physical CD from the LynneMusic CD-Shop, or from this page at

Jogeir respectfully asks that you do not spread his music illegally, but allow fans to buy his album legally instead - thus supporting his music.

Track listing:

01. Nestea
02. Floating
03. Cold Summer Nights
04. Hidden Past
05. Infinity ***
06. Bright Ventures *
07. Latenite
08. Out Of Silence
09. Travel
10. Graveness & Romantics **
11. Antiquated [bonus track]

Below you can hear the first 1 1/2 minutes of each track, in reduced sound quality.


All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.