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  Jesper Kyd:
The Nations

For the first time available on music CD, Jesper Kyd, the hero of the Amiga demo scene who has now made his name in big budget computer games music. Especially imported limited edition CD "The Nations" features 16 exquisite tracks from the deep forests, with an ambient / ethnic vibe, and with the Jesper Kyd sound. Great CD for relaxing and dreaming away to a fantasy forest world!


Track listing:

01. Forest Hymn (Bombastic Mix)
02. Forest Spirit
03. The Amazons
04. Dance Of The Pimmons
05. Horizon
06. Last Dance
07. Fantasy World
08. Big Forest
09. Adventure
10. Work Hymn
11. Magic
12. Ambient Fantasy
13. Game Over
14. Title Screen
15. Mission Won
16. Forest Hymn (Ambient Mix)


Reviews of Jasper Kyd : "The Nations"

I got this CD months ago (via this web site) but I'll try to remember correctly. The first impression was that it's very professional. Not forgetting these musics were intended for a game, they are of very good quality and almost all of them can be heard alone easily. Very good job ... Keep-it-up Jesper ! - Sylvain "Asle" Chipaux, France

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