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Year: 1999
Whole album: [mp3 preview]

Style: Ethnic infused trance, dance, goa trance, electronica
(Divinorum is Bjorn Lynne's pseudonym for trance/techno music)

01: Antigravity (08:14) [mp3 preview]
02: Isms, part 1 (07:14) [mp3 preview]
03: Communication (Losing You) (06:45) [mp3 preview]
04: Qualities of Religion (07:32) [mp3 preview]
05: Isms, part 2 (08:23) [mp3 preview]
06: Can You Hear? (05:10) [mp3 preview]
07: We Turn Like Whisks (07:37) [mp3 preview]
08: Isms, part 3 (05:15) [mp3 preview]
09: No Surrender (06:23) [mp3 preview]
10: Zen Koan (06:23) [mp3 preview]

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Reviews for "Isms":

  • "A beautiful CD, very diverse, intelligent and refreshing. The music here moves from full on trance to ethnic chill out - I really like this one!" - DJ Shahar, one of the most influential DJ's and reviewers in Israel.

  • "I really, really like it. I can see why BooM released Divinorum's material, it has a nice lateral, not knwoing what is around the next corner style - in other words, proper trance! Some of the uses of melodies from other cultures is so spot on - especially the Indian melodies." - Editor of Peek magazine, one of Europe's biggest trance magazines.

  • "Great Goa Trance CD. Its ethnic sound makes it so interesting, more human, so also more affordable for people who are not into trance music. I prefer it a lot over Talisman. Every goa / trance lover should buy it !" - Mahendra Tallur, France

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.