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  Various demoscene artists:
Interstellar Harmony

The best musicians and tracks from the biggest scene-music internet site

"Trax in Space" ( is a big, popular internet site for underground musicians who mostly use the internet as a carrier for their music to the world. The site contains thousands of songs from hundreds of musicians. A couple of years ago, the administrators of that site started to contact the most popular and successful of these musicians, with an idea to publishing a CD with brand new music from these artists. A lot of hard work and 2 years later, the CD is finally here.

The CD is first and foremost a music CD to play in your normal music CD player. But if you use it as a CDROM, you get a bonus multimedia part, where you can find hundreds of extra songs in module-format, information on each of the artists, photos and interviews, and so on... all presented in a very neat interactive user interface that runs in your internet browser.

All in all, this CD contains a lot of great music, and a great bonus CDROM section. A must-have for all scene music fans.


Track listing:

1 Demon Moon Bjorn Lynne
2 Lunar Explosion Heatseeker
3 Dream Replicator Nookie
4 Atmospheric Light Mysterium
5 Now It's Time Rave-O-Tek
6 Alive dnatrance
7 I Wanna Be Free: Heavenly Club Mix CyberZip
8 Camel Without Filter Pedro and Guy
9 Volume Hunz
10 Aquarium Awesome
11 The Palace in the Sky Nemesis
12 Vanity ArchAngel
13 Revealing Novus
14 Catch that Goblin Skaven

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.