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Interstellar Harmony II

The new release from TraxInSpace, Interstellar Harmony Vol. 2 is a double-CD: One data-CD and one audio-CD.

Featuring close to 300 songs, including 13 richly re-mastered, unreleased audio cuts, this 2-CD set has full bios on all featured artists, articles, software, tutorials, and a special CD-magazine from the digital music e-mag, DMR.

The Audio CD features tracks by many of the most successful musicians from TraxInSpace, includeing Rave-O-Tek, Nightbeat, Sierra, nOOkie and Awesome (not Dr.Awesome, that's me... "Awesome" is another guy!). :-) All the music is within various "electronic" genres.

The audio-CD is a great listen, the data-CD has so much stuff you'll never even get through all of it (really well presented as well). This is a limited edition CD. Great value.

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Track listing:

1 Cosmic Compressor - darkhalo
2 Ojas Shakti - Psylent Buddhi
3 Bystander - OakStar
4 Keep the Faith - Tawan & 4Ever
5 Altaria - Rave-O-Tek
6 Shock the Silence - Sierra
7 Humanity (The Beginning) - TbO & Vega
8 Children of the Stars - Magoria
9 Black Flowers - kmh
10 Tyhjan Pirtin Valssi - Warder
11 Tales of Magic - Nightbeat
12 Aurora: Ballad for an Angel - Awesome
13 Mantra - nOOKIE & L'unar

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.