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  Instant Remedy :
Instant Remedy

Instant Remedy has created a really cool "Ibiza-style" club/trance C64 remix album. His pumping sound has brought these C64 classic favourites to a new level. Just listen to the sound clips, I think you'll know what I mean. :-)



Track listing:

01. Last Ninja - the Palace
02. Flimbo's Quest
03. Comic Bakery (Extended Version)
04. International Karate
05. Game On Issue 09/89
06. Ghosts 'n Goblins (Trance Version)
07. IK+ - Rob Hubbard
08. Last Ninja - The Wastelands (Club Version)
09. Trolls
10. Warriors (Club Version)
11. Commando (V2)
12. West Bank (V2)

Bonus tracks:
13. Last Ninja - The Wastelands (Extended Version)
14. Comic Bakery
15. Commando


Reviews for Instant Remedy:

"Wow - What a CD !! For all of you that have had a CBM 64 once in your life and played games on it, this CD is a must. This CD is high quality all the way. It has much of the same good C64-sound that is so special. For all of you who have not played any C64 game, this will be a new musical adventure. This is a CD I can recommend with all my heart." - Tom Evensen, Norway

"I was very happy when this cd was finally released. Having heard his mp3 remix's for a long time. I ordered the cd right after its release.... and boy. When I got it I was even more happy. Brilliant remixes of old C64 tunes, most of them upbeat and very dance friendly. To make it even cooler, 3 high quality versions of some of the old mp3 remix's from his website got included on the cd as bonus tracks. All I can say is... get this cd... and get it NOW!" - Martin Lykke, Denmark

"Oh, man! This is one of the most kickass-CD's I've ever heard. I got goose-bumps and got quite moved by the flashbacks and memories that ran through my head when I heard the songs. (Does anyobody know if Instant Remedy has an E-mail adress?) I just want to tell him what a total master-piece his music is. Instant Remedy you ROCK!!! =)" - Shaun C. Collins, Norway

"This is the CD some everyone needs in their CD-collection. I read about Instant Remedy in a magazine (Super PLAY), and they said that Instant Remedy was fabulous. So I get online and heard it myself... and he really is very fantastic. He is a genious, and if he get some big record-company, and they will give him advertising... he should be famous, like Sccoter, I promise. Buy this CD, it is dear but... listen, and you forgotten the money. Instant Remedy=God of remixes :)" - Samuel Holmedal, Norway

"Just too cool to say! I Wish he continues with his work! With time, inspirations have tendency to took some time!(some times,..) I Wish luck." - Markku I. Höglund, Finland

"Easily one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. These are not his only songs either. I foudn out about the artist from another artists himself, Rayza. Look for his stuff at OCR Remix." - Cory Bauer, USA

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.