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  Chris Hülsbeck:
Turrican Soundtrack CD

As you could probably guess, this is the CD where you can find the best compositions of the computer-games of 'The Turrican Series'. It features the music from both the original Turrican and Turrican 2, which was perhaps even better! Revised in the studio and spiced up with modern sounds, these first class pieces are turned into classics which shouldn't be missing from any CD-collection. PC-SPIEL wrote: "Noble melodies and orchestral sounding pieces! One of the best soundtracks which have ever been composed for a game."

This CD was first published in 1993, but it was re-mastered and re-published in 1997. If you order it today, you will get the new 1997-version. It has a total playing time of 68:43.


Track listing:

1. Opening
2. Prologue
3. Main Title
4. Techno Dungeon
5. The Desert Rocks
6. The Great Bath
7. Walker Factory
8. The Hero
9. Bionic Action
10. Air Combat
11. Climb To Survive
12. Transfer To The Battlefield
13. The Machine
14. Countdown
15. Freedom
16. Bonus track: Turrican Medley


Reviews for Chris Hulsbeck Turrican Soundtrack:

"Turrican was one of the greatest games back in the days of the humble old Amiga. It showed exactly what the machine was capable of and was a great game to boot. But like all great games the experience is never complete without the soundtrack and Chris Hulsbeck's Turrican soundtrack is in my opinion one of the greatest videogame soundtracks ever recorded. There is a great deal of different sounding upbeat tunes available on this CD and if you are purchasing this album on the strength of remembering the tunes from the game you won't be dissapointed. Each tune has been studio remastered and whilst sounding superior stay faithful to the great sounds of the originals. I bought the Turrican soundtrack recently and it frequently is found spinning in my CD player. I let a few of my friends who grew up with the Amiga hear the album and some of them have ordered it also. It really is a great album and anyone who likes ambient upbeat tunes should give it a try. Hulsbeck really creates great music and if you like this album give his others a try. You won't be dissapointed!" - Graham Barclay, Scotland

If I'd have to select one game with the best musical score ever, I'd probably choose the 1991 classic jump-n-run game from Rainbow Arts - Turrican 2. To me, it represents the very apex of Amiga game music - or game music in general. The game has several tens of tracks, nearly all of which are classics in their own right, let alone combined to the same score. Without the music the game wouldn't have been half as memorable as it was. These tunes have been playing inside my head the last
11 years. :)

This soundtrack CD first came out around the time the third installment to the Turrican series (also known as Super Turrican on the SNES) was released. It includes music from all of the three games. Huelsbeck has managed to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the original tunes on most tracks, making this album a thoroughly wonderful experience. Even after having listened it through too many times to count, certain parts still make my spine crawl. Styles vary from pure techno to orchestral, yet none of the tracks feel out of place. Pure brilliance!" - Teemu I. Yliselä, Finland

"Very, very, very super" - Bohus Schubert, Slovakia

"Definitely the best game soundtrack ever composed." - Radim Kosarik, Czech republic

"The CD starts off with a few movie score like (symphonic) tracks based on the themes from the game. It's nice and atmospheric. The next 10 tracks or so are enhanced versions of the in-game music. It's a matter of taste, but I just think some of the songs lose some of the original feel and power when the original samples are translated to very typical synth instruments with pop rythms However, one must bear in mind that this is a 1993 production. I was a bit surprised to hear that Chris Hulsbeck had changed the unique rythm of The Desert Rocks track. The track from the underwater level was exceptionally nice, produced as a classic symphonic score. There are some atmospheric tracks with background samples towards the end, that are quite interesting. I'd say the highlight is the last track, which is a remix of scores from each Turrican game (mainly title and level one tracks). I listened a lot to the Turrican2 music back in 1991-94, so I must say in general, it was fun! to revisit the Turrican scores and hear them as synthesizer versions." - Siggy Galaen, Norway

"Hülsbeck's greatest Soundtrack. A great Mix from all Turrican-Games on different Machines (Amiga, SNES, Sega MD) in new studio-quality. It couldn't have been better. Definitely the most played Hülsbeck-CD in my Player. especially Track 12 till 15." - Richard Wroblewski, Germany

"A super soundtrack, I really like the new versions of the songs. They really sound good and not old at all, Turrican Songs are timeless. The songs made turrican one of the best shooter games on the Amiga. My fav. song is Bionic Action (I still can hear in my head those gritters sounds when you jump on them). I'm really glad that I bought this soundtrack. score 5/5" - Willem van der Veen, The Netherlands

Turrican is without a shadow of a doubt is a classic old game that will never be forgotten, and as far as im concerned it is a game that contains one of the most fantastic soundtracks i have ever heard. After being haunted by this soundtrack many years ago i was delighted to discover Chris's Turrican soundtrack cd and sent off for a copy immediately. Awesome piece of work, Chris. From the rough diamond of the true value of the Turrican soundtrack comes a gleaming masterpiece of classic gaming audio excellance which has a permanent place in my car where it is appreciated unconditionally. The music from the game has come alive with your input, each Turrican track sounding out in its original symphony but with a sparkling 3D quality that just sets it off perfectly. Any one who can appreciate the Turrican soundtrack will find this truly a 'Mozart' calibre quality work of musical talent, which takes a solid old classic and restores it not only to its full potential, but to a top example of how much more it is and is worth to its original fans. Fantastic work Chris. 10/10. - Richard Jones, UK

After over a decade, this is still one of the most brilliant game soundtracks I've ever listened to. I've heard music from probably around 1000 games and varieties of interactive media from around the world, and Chris Hülsbeck's Turrican music are still among my favorite. This CD (and Chris Hülsbeck in general) has been required listening in the interactive media classes I taught at school, and I'll continue to recommend this CD to everyone in the interactive media industry, sound & music engineers, and anyone looking for powerful tunes. - Peter Staack, USA

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