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  Chris Huelsbeck:
Sound factory

On this CD you can find revised and remixed titles from popular video-games ('Jim Power', 'Apidya', 'Turrican') and also the latest Trance and Techno tunes from Chris!

Also on the CD you´ll get a program with which you can play your favourite pieces from AMIGA-games (which are also included on this CD) on the PC, if you use it together with a soundcard. This should be a real goodie for all the die-hard Chris Hülsbeck fans!

As an additional bonus you´ll also find a library with lots of samples from Chris Hülsbeck´s own collection of samples.

This CD was first published in 1995. It has 1 CD-ROM track, 14 audio tracks and a total playing time of 69:46.


Track listing:

1. (CD-Rom Data)
2. Intro
3. Shades´95
4. The Wave
5. Super Turrican II Credits
6. Jim Power I
7. Jim Power II
8. Easy Life (Trance Mix)
9. Are You Ready
10. Dreamland
11. Believe In Love
12. Join The Dream
13. Even Higher
14. C.H. Megamix
15. Apidya credits

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.