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  Chris Hulsbeck :

This is Chris Hülsbeck´s first CD and includes pieces from popular computer-games like 'R-Type' and 'Masterblazer'. In addition to that, you can hear the popular song 'Shades', for which Chris received several awards.

It was first published in 1991 and has a total playing time of 71:19.



Track listing:

1. Turrican Medley
2. Nightmoves
3. R-Type
4. Power of magic
5. Shades
6. Masterblazer
7. Addicted to these games
8. Warzone
9. Heaven´s gate
10. Tower of Babel
11. Bonus track: Tale of glory


Reviews for Chris Hülsbeck "Shades":

"I bought this CD directly from Chris (like all the other Hülsbeck CD's). He delivered a good work on this CD. The only Track i don't like so much is 7. My favorite Tracks are Warzone, Heaven's Gate, Tower of Babel and of cause Tale of glory from Rudi Stember." - Richard Wroblewski, Germany

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