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  Chris Huelsbeck :

On this CD, Chris presents new studio-recordings of pieces from computer-games like 'Giana Sisters', 'Jinks', 'Z-Out', 'Hyperblast', 'Jim Power'and 'Turrican' which became popular because of their good compositions in the first place.

There's also a bonus CDROM section on this CD: Samples from Chris' own collection, to use in your own music.

This CD was first published in 1994. It has 15 audio tracks, 4 sampling-tracks and a total playing time of 72:04.


Track listing:

1. Giana Sisters (Theme)
2. Giana Sisters (Medley)
3. Jinks
4. Z-Out (Theme)
5. Hyperblast
6. Jim Power (Medley)
7. Super Turrican II (Preview)
8. Cut Character
9. 8.15 To Nowhere
10. Easy Life
11. Station 2045
12. El Ritmo
13. Yo! Rock The House
14. Dream Dimension´94
15. Bonustrack: Return To LFO
16.-19. Samplemania I-IV

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.