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  Chris Hüelsbeck:
In The Mix

This is not a normal Chris Hülsbeck CD. On this CD, many different famous DJ's and producers have created a kind of "tribute" CD to Chris Hülsbeck, by making their own new versions of their favourite Chris Hülsbeck tracks. This gives the songs a new angle, new life and a whole new exciting sound.


Track listing:

1.Giana Sisters (Remix 2000)
2.The Pond (Apydia Level 3)
3.War At Meadow's Edge (Apydia Level 2)
5.Katakis (Remix Edit)
6.Turrican II (Main Title)
7.The Future feat. Matine
8.Giana Sisters (Medley)
11.Z-Out (Theme)
13.Battle Isle
14.To Be On Top

All text, music, photos copyright Bjørn Lynne.